• Whole Living


    Photography © Martha Stewartm To continue with this day of showcasing the things I'm loving recently let me tell you I' loving the idea of living a healthier life. Martha Stewart's Whole Living website has a great action plan for those who want to detox and move pass icky habits. I've been having a rough time picking up weight for the past 7 months - Don't get me wrong, It don't think being on the thin side is bad but I do think that thin and unhealthy is nothing to be envious of. I started a detox yesterday and I'm already feeling better. I think putting more effort into meal-planning will pay off in happiness and pounds. Healthy living, here I come!. Those who want to lose, gain weight or simply having better eating habits, I recommend you read through darling Martha's site.

    P.S. My apologies to those Pinterest friends whose boards I flooded with recipes for juices and smoothies.
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