• NR2154 For Rika Magazine


    Photography © NR2154
    NR2154 created this design for Rika Magazine and that first image has been allover Pinterest.  I was very intrigued to see the rest and after a little research I came across their site. This design includes a custom Rika typeface and a hand-painted display face that changes with each issue. Each issue is printed with multiple covers, to reflect the eclectic and diverse inspirations behind the brand and the collections. Contributors include Vanina Sorrenti, Olivier Zahm, Blaise Reutersward, Liz Collins, Laetitia Crahay, Marc Hom, Helena Christensen, Leith Clark and Robert Rydberg.

    I simply love what they did with both typefaces specially the thin slab font with black runny ink. It is design like this that makes me want to kick butt every day and I can only hope one day I achieve something as perfect as this. 
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