• Mosser


    Photography © TDL
    I happen to be obsessed with plants, gardening, home keeping and everything else that my nomadic life cannot really contain... Last year as I settled down in Brazil (or attempted to) I decided my first home-warming present to myself would be a plant. I of course, got a terrarium, you know... some of us have issue letting go... I ended up giving my plant up for adoption because I moved "again" and I miss that cozy feeling so much. Walking up, turning the kettle on, opening the kitchen's windows and spraying my beautiful plants every morning was an almost therapeutic experience. 

    I found The Mosser yesterday and I'm oh! so smitten with it. The Mosser is a small glass terrarium filled with a simple round moss ball. The Mosser comes with a glass mister bottle used to feed your plant. They are very easy to care for and only need to be sprayed once every two weeks with filtered water.

    How good does that sound, fellow plant killers?

    via thedieline
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