• Stay



    The holidays just ended for me and I'm already dreaming of far away places, foreign cuisine and ironically so also staying in bed writing posts and replying to emails. Yes, I might need some time off to recover from all the madness.

    The Stay Hotel looks just like what I need to keep myself going every day... I always need some planning to feel like I have a life apart from work, so researching on Copenhagen and this wonderful gem will keep me busy and extra excited.

    2012 was really kind to me and I a feel like I will miss it a little bit but every start of a new year is incredibly significant to all of us and my only goal this year is to love myself and those around me (wait are those 2 or 1?). Thankfully 2013 is also showing to be a box-full of surprises and I'm loving it. It's quiet, it's peaceful and it's simply wonderful.

    I hope you all had a lovely Holiday time. Thank you for your kind comments, emails, good wishes, tweets, instagram likes and support while I was away. I wish you the best, most-blessed and love-filled year!

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