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    If you follow me on Instagram you may have already noticed I have a passion for food and 70% of my Instagram photos involve planes, airports and food. I'd probably be apologetic about it but the truth is that what I mostly do in my free-time is either cook, run errands, workout or go from point a to point b on a plane and... the prettiest most happy-making of all the previously mentioned is cooking / eating, right? (She winks).

    Photographed above:

    1/ Champions' Breakfast aka Soft boiled eggs, toasted wholewheat bread, cherry tomatoes and banana oatmeal
    2/ Cream cheese and dill on wholewheat toasted bun
    3/ Tilapia Stir fry
    4/ Wholewheat spaghetti and veggies
    5/ Honey oatmeal + Kiwi
    6/ Spicy shrimp salad
    7/ Creamy polenta, Italian sausage and green salad
    8/ Steak sandwich (not from my kitchen)
    9/ Espresso time - cause everybody needs a break
    10/ Spaghetti with fresh herbs and crumbled ricotta
    11/ Cereal with Almond milk, raspberries and bananas
    12/ Best Salad Ever  aka Grilled chicken, radicchio, pears, almonds + Tahini dressing

    What's in your instagram?

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