• Moodboard 06



    It's Monday again. I know everyone says this but months are flying by this year and I feel so rushed every single day. Between deadlines, work, home and lists of things to do I had been feeling like  there was less and less time for the things I love.  After feeling incredibly under the weather for the last few weeks I decided to put a stop to it yesterday and I'm committing myself to do what I can and no more than that. Putting myself back somewhere at the top of my priorities and changing the things I do not like. I'm saying this not because I need accountability but because I'm sure more than one of you feels the same. This year probably hit a lot of you and maybe by me sharing this, it would encourage you (or so I hope) to stop, re-group and put yourselves back at the top of your list as well. This moodboard may seem insignificant but it warms me up inside and quietly reminds me of all those things I love, want and should be doing today to tell myself "I love you". Hope you have a beautiful week, friends. Here's to us!

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