• Spicy Zucchini, Tomato and Avocado Crêpe


    Photography © Ana Degenaar I'm part of the 99.99% of the population of the world who enjoys sweets, I think it's in our DNA and whenever I have sweet treats I enjoy them for as long as the sugar-rush lasts. I'm thankfully also a massive veggies and savory food eater and I'm not fiscally able to skip breakfast which I believe to be a great thing for my health and yes, my thighs. These savory crêpes are constantly on my weekly menu and I usually make them with a mix of wholewheat and regular flour using this recipe (minus the sugar) as the base. For the filling, I slice half a small zucchini and sauté it in olive oil with 5 whole cherry tomatoes, I season with organic indian spices and a few drops of lemon. Top it all off with avocado slices and onion flakes. It's quick, simple and I dare say, delicious.
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