• The Abbaye de Fontevraud Hotel


    Photography © Nicolas Mathéus I just came across this fantastic article via Yatzer and I needed to share it with you. The Hotel is located in Anjou, France and as you can see by the photos above is a real gem. the new hotel’s 52 guest rooms are split between the main building and the Liban (Lebanon) outhouse. Whilst they vary in size and shape, elements of sharp design and a hushed atmosphere run throughout; with the tranquil atmosphere recalling the building’s time as a monastery. Reminders of these days also include the mobile lamps that hang on rails around the rooms, and the neutral colours used, right down to the brown of the towels recalling the fabric of a monk’s robe.

    I've been trying to share things lately that portray minimalism in a different light. Not everything white or neutral is necessarily minimal and this is a great example of how minimalism is also classic and warm.
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