• Bibelot & Token



    The beautiful Bibelot&Token shop is based in Toronto and curated by its wonderful owner, Bianca. The shop is chock-full of items that would tickle any minimalist's fancy. From good reads to beauty products, it has it all. Above, some of my favorites: The Playtype Caledonia Jane posters. Gorgeous Chock a Block necklace by Maslo Jewelry. The scrumptious Charcoal and Aloe face cleanser by Little Barn Apothecary... and last but not least this fun Things Will Work Out pin by People I've Loved. I might be getting this one myself soon.

    For these and more from Bibelot & Token visit the shop and get 15% off any purchase using the code B&T+BLOGMILK - no expiry. Give B&T some love via: Facebook Pinterest Twitter or Instagram and enjoy your shopping day.
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