• The Best Christmas Party Recipes From Entrée to Favors

    Elisabeth Heier

    When December comes and Christmas draws closer, a festive spirit starts taking over our lives—and part of that includes, of course, what we will serve our guests for Christmas dinner. I personally like to plan a menu that has everything to do with comfort and pleasure, even if the recipes I choose don't come out of the Christmas chapter of a book.

    The idea is that our guests and loved ones can have a delicious meal, a wonderful time together and leave happy and satisfied. So, below are my suggestions for a scrumptious dinner party:

    Emily Laye

    I know a lot of people might not be that into oysters but on this side of the boonies and in full tropical climate, a lovely assortment of fresh oysters and a glass of prosecco or champagne are very welcome. No stress and no recipe needed. It's only a matter of shucking some oysters and popping a cork.

    Along with that I always recommend a nice antipasto platter: it's a crowd pleaser and it’s nearly impossible to go wrong with something that allows people to experience an assortment of flavors in small bites.

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    Anne Sage

    When hosting a Holiday party where the focus is food—and heaps of it—it's a clever idea to bring in drinks that are on the lighter and simpler side. I'm not a big fan of eggnog and strong drinks, especially not when I'm eating my weight in delicious food—A basic gin and tonic or the above pictured Muscat Rose are genius ones to pick.

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    Kristy Brynson

    Main and Sides
    By this time of the year you must have already attended a handful of Christmas parties and with that comes what? Food. You can be sure that so have your lovely guests... so when planning a Christmas dinner focus on things that they might not be expecting. Following the Mediterranean theme, how about this Pork cutlets, roasted pears, endives, carrots with sage and hasselbeck potatoes. I know, not much to add to that.

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    Laura Muthesius

    To wrap up a lovely dinner, how about a decadent dessert? This Gluten-Free Quince-Caramel Christmas Tart sounds just about the perfect thing to serve along with a warm cup of coffee or tea after a dinner as diverse and tasty as this hypothetical and drool-worthy Christmas dinner menu.

    Emily Laye

    Party Favors
    Since no amount of caramel is ever enough, how about treating your guests to some delicious homemade Salted Caramel candy? Truth be told, I don’t suffer from a sweet tooth and that’s very evident to the people following me via Pinterest. To me this candy hits the spot... BUT if that’s not enough you can also see this mini meringue recipe.

    A Christmas dinner party is a time to enjoy with the people we love, to laugh, to cry or to cry-laugh—and while we are lucky enough to count on that every single year, there are millions of people around the world who spend this day alone, who might not have food on their plates or family to be with. If you want to share so other people can enjoy a lovely and magical experience, feel free to donate to Share Our Strength, Oxfam or donate to your local Food Bank.

    What’s on your dinner menu? Do share.

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