• Daniel Hotel in Vienna


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    Daniel Hotel in Vienna
    This is what makes my days. Lovely design, a cup of steamy coffee, the prospect of traveling and hammocks. The Daniel Hotel in Vienna is now pinned on my world map and highlighted in neon-pink. May I please cash all the good karma I have saved and exchange it for a night here?... I have the feeling I'll have to accumulate more good-karma for a very long time. Meanwhile I will marvel at this perfect design, those hanging lamps and maybe or maybe not salivate over their food photos.

    The Daniel Hotel stands to create Smart Luxury:
    This means they can hop from one location to another with a minimum of fuss. The “over-the-top” approach of many “traditional” hotels can put the brakes on this approach. What a city hotel really needs is an open, flexible lifestyle which doesn’t place any restrictions on its guest. In fact, it should do just the opposite, offering up new possibilities every day. Voil√† – it really is that easy to explain what the Daniel is all about. Feel free to use our expression for it and call it “Smart Luxury”. Smart Luxury is a fine selection of top-class ideas to make everything as easy as “ABC” for you.  

    Read more about the hotel and enjoy their amazing website.
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