• The Kettle Black


    Photography © Studio You Me So much girl power in my posts this week. The creative women of Studio You Me are Kestie Lane and Hana Hakim. Their partnership is based on a mutual love of design, food, art and all things unique and obscure. This love of design unites them yet they each bring unique strengths and their individual sense of style and confidence to the practice. Their vision of The Kettle Black is simply magnificent. The Kettle Black has a quiet confidence nestled under the belly of an Elenberg Fraser apartment tower on Albert Road, South Melbourne. The light filled café is elegant and warm, it is authentic and hand crafted and is genuinely a feel good space with a friendly hustle. The black crafted steel hanging waiters stations and communal tables add the tough edge whilst the hexagonal marble tiles and brass detailing bring a refined elegance and luxury to the café. The true beauty and innovation of this project is how the design slowly reveals itself with a series of vignettes within the interior, an ordinary concrete construction pipe transformed into an elegant brass lined water basin. Stunning.
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