• Why You Feel Like There's Not Enough Time In A Day


    Photography © Norm

    Your alarm goes off. You grab your phone, your eyes half open as you eyeball your like count and messages. After spending a few (or maybe not so few) minutes seeing what needs seeing, you skyrocket out of bed to begin your day—as if the day itself was on a Machiavellian mission to do you in. Between your day to day responsibilities and the unexpected and inevitable surprises of life's mishaps, your day seems to end in the blink of an eye . . . but somehow you haven't managed that much. Feel familiar?

    In this day and age we're all connected. Think about it. How much of your available time is spent staring at a screen: scrolling, liking, replying, pinning? . . . As if the world was going to implode if we didn't. A 24-hour day to us is not even close to what it meant to our parents and their parents (who were present every moment of their lives).

    We spend so much of our lives plugged in that we forget the power of doing one thing at a time—mindfully—from start to finish. I'm not saying that time spent on anything non-work related is time not well spent. What I am saying is that in order for us to better get a hold of our must-do's, we need to give everything its space and time.

    Your days as well as mine are torn between work, life and rest—and neither should suffer because of the other. Putting everything in its place guarantees that not only will your day be well spent, but that you're not suddenly overwhelmed and overrun by your commitments.

    The feeling of accomplishment is immediate when you give things an allotted time for completion . . . and that will only encourage you to move forward, knowing that the time you have available is more than enough.

    Seeing time this way (and not worrying about technology to the point of it becoming a nervous tick) has given me a breather not only in my day-to-day living, but it has also definitely made me more present and less anxious about my daily routine.

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