• Vanity Planet’s Pro-Style Titanium Flat Iron

    When it comes to hair, 99% of the world's population is dissatisfied with it in some shape or form. I'm one of those. And probably you are too ... and I get it; hair is just such an obvious thing that the lack, the excess or the "sameness" of it gets us all in our heads (no pun intended).

    I used to be so fickle when it came to my hair in the past. I've dyed it many different shades, bleached it, chopped it all off, chopped just a little and struggled with the yearly decision of whether or not to cut bangs (the answer should always be no!) and committed a few crimes.

    These days the question for me, isn't whether my hair looks nice and thick, or if I should color it or perm it (yes, that also happened)–it's whether or not it's healthy, strong and manageable.

    As hard as I try sometimes, I just cannot be the kind of person who works on their hair for hours, who changes color constantly or spends money on expensive treatments. I'm more of an "eat for beauty" kind of woman–so, the way I change it up is by styling it–and even that should take me 20 minutes or less, because nobody's got time for that, right?

    Ana Degenaar

    Vanity Planet (kindly) recently sent me one of their hair irons . . . and while those two words might make you cringe–I must say it has been a very pleasant experience.

    Vanity planet is a b.s-free brand, fighting the common idea that beauty is shallow and replacing that with a beauty-inclusive outlook. Allowing women to be themselves, to feel good for who they are. Vanity Planet exists to bring us products that are functional, practical and that bring us straightforward benefits.

    I've been testing the Tame-Pro-Style Titanium Tourmaline Flat Iron and the Bring on the Heat - Nourishing Heat Protector Spray for the past 2 weeks and this is what I can tell you about it:

    It's the best hair iron I've ever owned (and I've owned a good few of them in my lifetime). A hair iron is easy to use, it's practical and versatile–so yes, it's my go-to–and (now that I live in a tropical climate) my only hair-styling tool.

    Vanity Planet’s Tame Hair Iron is lightweight, it straightens, curls and controls frizz without damaging your hair. Titanium tourmaline plates glide through hair without pulling or snagging while negative ion technology seals in moisture to leave hair smooth, shiny, and soft whether dry or damp. As if that weren't enough, the iron turns off on its own after 60 minutes so if you’re a daydreamer like myself, you won't have to worry about unpleasant incidents.

    A Vanity Planet flat iron or curler would make a wonderful Christmas gift, don't you think? Winks*

    Vanity Planet Tame Titanium Tourmaline Wet or Dry 1.25” Styling Iron - Black • $49
    Vanity Planet Cue 1 Clip-Free Curling Wand- Black • $29
    Vanity Planet Tame Wet To Dry Titanium Tourmaline Styling Iron Grey. • $72.99

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