• You Can Rise Up From Anything


    Everyone at some point will feel like all they do is lose in life. Whether it’s sickness, breakups, financial troubles, career hardships or loss, we all hit brick walls and experience feelings of worthlessness at some point in this journey of life.

    We all have the tremendous capacity to recreate ourselves – forging ways where there weren’t any before. We learn new things daily, we are able to push through the most intense challenges that life throws at us and we constantly fall and get back up again... but what does it take to get back up? Do you simply want it? Do you sit and wait for motivation? Is it a matter of believing in yourself?

    The world tells us to constantly strive, to be switched on and to fight (then fight some more) and if nothing gives, to fight harder. What our immediate circumstances don’t tell us is that *how* we get back up again is just as important as standing on our own two feet again – and the only way, of course, is through. We need to go through all of the experience to come out on the other side. There’s no way around pain, loss, trouble and sadness – only through.

    To truly rise up from something and never look back we need to accept our part in what took us to where we are, learn that motivation is an illusion and we cannot wait for it to come. We need to understand that we create momentum. True mindfulness is raw. It’s not something esoteric and mystical. It’s not (only) bubble baths and massages: mindfulness is awareness, it’s opening our eyes to our truths and accepting each situation for what it is, even if it’s uncomfortable and ridding ourselves of negativity. It’s being patient but active in working ourselves out of our ruts.

    We need to be forgiving with the people who contributed to where we are, we need to be forgiving to the circumstances that brought us to this place – but we also need to be radically responsible for the reality we experience daily. As harsh as that might sound. *That* is how we move forward. That is how we are able to live a life of balance and integrity.

    Yes, you can rise up from anything. Don’t ever doubt that. Make yourself accountable for it and truly go through it: go through the crying, the loss, the pain, go through the worries and the hurt but keep yourself in check. Don’t wait for motivation to come knocking at your door. Instead create momentum and surround yourself with faith. Have faith in your future, in yourself and in that nothing is permanent. You will get through this. Say that and believe it. Be open to a new beginning. Always.

    ph. Nicole Mason
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