• Gifts For The Minimalist Mother in Your Life

    Minimalist consumption is not about depriving yourself of your wants or needs but – rather about spending in a smart and responsible way. It’s about making informed and careful decisions and buying things that are functional and of superb quality that will stand the test of time and passing fads. That is, in my opinion, the best and only way to purchase.

    When thinking about gifting a minimalist mother, think about adding to their lives in ways that they can make use of your gift in many different ways for a long time. Be mindful and choose things that go well with what they already own, things that won’t take up a lot of space, items that they don’t need to constantly spend more on – and certainly pieces that match their lifestyle and that simply make sense for them.

    Among the things that you can gift minimalist moms
    Consumables: good wine, coffee or tea
    Experiences: concert or theater tickets, memberships or classes
    Self-care: yoga classes, massages or oil diffuser kits
    Subscriptions: streaming services, an app they love or food delivery service
    Statements: jewelry, bags or clothes

    my personal picks:

    Mother’s Day can be a time of mindless consumption and frivolous gift-giving. There is a balance to be found between a minimalist life and gift giving; so before buying for the person you love, consider their lifestyle, their particular likes and their views on spending and gift-giving.

    It's really hard to go wrong with a gift when you consider how the person you are buying for chooses to live.

    Ph. Josephine H.J

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