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    As a woman, mother and entrepreneur, I can attest to the fact that being a mother blurs all the lines between the woman and the professional. Your time and desires have to sometimes be fragmented in order to accommodate what's necessary and what's important. No matter how people see it, growing a business as a mother is indeed much more different than growing a business as a woman.

    In tandem with the hardships of modern motherhood, we bounce between what we want and what we can afford to do – both financially and time-wise at any given time. Even for the lucky ones who have been successful at what they do, things won't come easy and nothing will just effortlessly fall into their laps.

    For that and many other reasons, I've grown a deep admiration and love for the mothers that come to me for advice, design services or simply connection. Their stories are painfully relatable. I cannot help but empathize with their dreams, their struggles... and their schedules. These are the women that email me at 3:00 am, who spend months saving up for a new blog design (while barely standing the look of their blogs). The ones that are keeping the blogging world alive, the ones behind the scenes that spend hours writing blog posts and that publish them even when it feels like they're throwing their most precious thoughts into a giant void without noticing that their devotion alone is captivating.

    I wanted to do something for those women. For my tribe. So I decided that for the first time in my career, I would create a theme for these women at a much lower rate than I usually sell my themes for – and make it available to them so that they no longer have to choose between content over looks. I want them to have their well-deserved cake and eat it too.

    Mother Theme

    The Mother theme is a fully responsive magazine-style layout. It comes in two versions (one or two columns) and I built it after researching what women ask me for most when they hire me to build their professional websites. In addition, you will be able to add your own touches to it, change fonts and colors however many times you'd like... and you can also hire me to build a logo for half the price by adding that service to your cart and using the code: MOTHER at checkout.

    I wholeheartedly believe that our talents should be used for the common good. We need to support our sisters not only by telling them we do – but more so in practical ways. This is my way of saying that you can achieve your dreams and work on your passions. You don't need to conform and choose. It's also my way of saying "Thank You" – for always being around; and most importantly for igniting my own passions when you don't let go of yours.

    In case you haven't noticed, I'm a little behind on a Mother's Day train. This post and theme were supposed to be launched on Mother's Day but as luck would have it I got ill just before Mother's Day and it's taken me a while to recover — Happy (belated) Mother's Day, you incredible women.

    Ph. Brittany Bathgate

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