• 01/13

    Photography © Frederik Vercruysse Frederik Vercruysse, a talented Berlin-based Photographer in collaboration with Buyse Seghers Architects have created this spectacular series taking this beautiful Victorian home as the subject. Determined to restore the house to its former glory but also ensure its future existence, they developed a multi-functional plan enabling different layouts and uses in time. Even though the building looks like one coherent structure, history learned that it developed organically as expansions were added over time. True to the past they adapted the house to its specific needs re-interpreting the old rather than bringing in the new. And again the house has found a new coherency–as if nothing ever changed.
  • 11/19

    Photography © Åke E:son Lindman Arrhov Frick is an architecture office based in Stockholm, Sweden, working with a broad range of projects within the fields of architecture and urban planning. This is what they did for Our Legacy, a welcoming and beautiful shop also based in Sweden.
  • 11/09

    Photography © Nicolas Mathéus I just came across this fantastic article via Yatzer and I needed to share it with you. The Hotel is located in Anjou, France and as you can see by the photos above is a real gem. the new hotel’s 52 guest rooms are split between the main building and the Liban (Lebanon) outhouse. Whilst they vary in size and shape, elements of sharp design and a hushed atmosphere run throughout; with the tranquil atmosphere recalling the building’s time as a monastery. Reminders of these days also include the mobile lamps that hang on rails around the rooms, and the neutral colours used, right down to the brown of the towels recalling the fabric of a monk’s robe.

    I've been trying to share things lately that portray minimalism in a different light. Not everything white or neutral is necessarily minimal and this is a great example of how minimalism is also classic and warm.
  • 09/29

    Photography © Adrien Williams This is a stunning project by Canda-based Designer, Anne Sophie Goneau. The condo is located on the second floor of an historic industrial building, in St-Dominique Street, Montreal. Anne's perfect planning makes each room flow effortlessly and it maintains the Industrial feel while also displaying a wonderful minimalistic character.
  • 09/23

    Photography © Koji Fuji A beautiful home located in Yokohama, Japan and built to let natural light in. The house was named "Daylight House" though, Daylight does not simply indicate light from the sun, but refers to the beautiful light throughout the day. The family often turns the lights off at sunset to appreciate the beauty of the colors changing in the sky. The use of natural materials inside the house compliments the project and crates the perfect canvas for the main purpose of playing with light.
  • 09/03

    Photography © J R K V C J R K V C is an Architecture Studio founded by Peter Jurkovič and based in Slovakia. The DEV home is one of my favorite projects from their portfolio, though all of them are brilliant. This family house is located in Devín, a village near the capital Bratislava. Narrow and long parcel, a traditional historical setting in this part of Slovakia ends on a boarder of a castle Devín. House will be occupied by a senior couple. They are moving here after their children grown up and left home.
  • 08/26

    Photography © Wohnhaus Hexaeder I've fallen in love with another house and after seeing the images above, I'm sure you won't blame me. This brilliant housing project by Germany-based Studio, Architekturbüro Stocker is inspired by geometry. The exposed concrete exterior and addition of light wood, gives this home a lot of character but that stunning kitchen and bathroom caught my eye immediately.
  • 08/20

    The project House In A Forest is an architectural gem surrounded by pine trees and uniquely planned by Paul Kaloustian. The bare concrete, curved-high walls and minimal interior caught my eye the second I saw these images. The envelope of the house is all glazed and slightly curved which “absorbs” the surrounding forest creating a vertical abstract enclosure. The project focuses on creating a common ground between nature and architecture creating distorted views, filtering light, play of shadows, openness and enclosure, reflections and transparencies.
  • 04/24

    Photography © Förstberg Arkitektur & Formgiving “House for mother” is a work in progress with construction starting in August 2014. This is a project by Förstberg Arkitektur & Formgiving, a small architecture studio based in Malmö, Sweden. The project is located in Linköping, Sweden, and part of the Linköpingsbo 2017 housing exhibition. The house is divided into two parallel volumes slightly shifted from each other. Facades and roof are covered with raw, corrugated aluminium while the interior is warm with an exposed timber structure and walls lined with plywood. I'd move in right now, no questions asked.
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