• Photography © Andrea Gntl "Andrea Gentl and Martin Hyers of Gentl and Hyers met while studying photography at Parson’s School of Design and have been working together since 1993 photographing still life, food, beauty, fashion, interiors and travel. In addition to their commercial work, Martin is involved in an ongoing personal photography project with fellow photographer William Mebane. Andrea often photographs foragers, locavores and other things of interest and inspiration for her blog."
  • Photography © Sharyn Cairns Today I'm taking a break from all the business and admiring the beautiful work of Photographer, Sharyn Cairns. Sharyn is at the forefront of commercial photography in Australia, with a specialist portfolio spanning interiors, food, travel, and lifestyle. She is committed to creating beautiful images that capture a mood and an emotion, playing with light and shadows to create levels of depth and distinctive memorable scenes.
  • Photography © Ivona Chrzastek Ivona Chrzastek studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. After graduating she moved to London where she started her career as a fashion photographer. Today, Ivona shoots for various style magazines and online publications. The images above are part of Ivona's work for Bite Magazine in collab with Stylist Abbie Baines. See Ivona's site for more.
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    Photography © Carine Thevenau Today, I'm admiring Carine Thevenau's work. Carine was born in South Africa and raised in Australia. Her creative talent is evident in these images, her unique romantic/minimal style is what sets her apart. Her collaborations are truly inspiring as is the above with one of my favorite Aussie Designers Carly Hunter. Beautiful, yes?
  • Photography © Line Klein I needed some inspiration this evening and of course getting inspired meant immersing myself in Line Klein's blog and falling into a state of complete and honest awe of the way she see's life through a lens. Above are just a few of my favorite shots. I wish I could store all her images in my head for rainy-grey-boring days.
  • Photography © Mikkel Mortensen The beautiful images and concept that Photographer Mikkel Mortensen and Stylist Gitte Kjaer created for Rum Magazine are my biggest source of inspiration today.  These two wonderful geniuses have more jaw-dropping work in their portfolios. Needless to say it was hard not to spend hours of my life browsing through everything.
  • Light-Year-37280-900x674 lightyears-30-12-10-481921-900x674 Line-008597-675x900 fredericia-furniture-10-03-11-59314-900x610 RUM-koekken-shopping-30887-686x900
    Photography © Yellows How beautiful and inspiring are these interiors photographed and styled by Yellows.  Does the photo of that young-man classify as "exterior"? Whatever that is... Is definitely perfection/ flawless photography. I'm particularly swooning over those pink and black chairs. I bet they make their owner happy and proud to be sitting on them. Le sigh.

    Thank you for all the love you send my way everyday. Yesterday was particularly frantic and taking little breathing breaks and reading your comments helped my sanity remain intact. You are the best!

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