• 09/29

    Tom Newton

    I’m soon approaching that age in life when women start feeling an urge to splash out on high-end skincare products... and when things that never mattered to me now matter. Things like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Collagen, Propylene Glycol Hylorounic Acid and lots of other complicated jargon.

    Though the thought of being forever young sounds inviting to some, what resonates a lot more with me is the chance to age gracefully and naturally.

    Lines of expression are exactly that. Marks on our faces that say we’ve laughed a lot, that we’ve had a full life. That we’ve aged—therefore we’ve had the privilege to LIVE.

    The “beauty” industry is there, waiting for us to start questioning how to go about flash-freezing our age (on our faces) so they can fill our minds with more doubt and more worry—making it seem glamorous and necessary to buy the most expensive “miracle” products; products that contain things we cannot even pronounce, let alone pinpoint what it really is that we are putting on our faces.

    The one thing they do not tell us, though, is the most important and least glamorous secret... and that is that good skin starts from within. Literally, health starts from your gut. Isn’t that so enticing? I know it isn’t, but that is the honest truth. Your gut is the most responsible for your immune system, where detoxifying enzymes and nutrients are created—so smothering a detoxifying mask on your face every week or spending a ridiculous amount of money on masks containing rich live nutrients serves no purpose if you are not eating well.

    Your skin is very telling of how well you eat and how much water you drink. So before you make an appointment with your facialist or ask your dermatologist how many creams, balms, serums etc. to buy, make sure you are battling the war from within:

    1. Start your day with lemon I know coffee is a bare necessity or at least it is for me... but do not run to your coffee machine as soon as you wake up. Instead grab a tall, lukewarm cup of water and squeeze in half a lemon. This helps flush your digestive system and re-hydrate your body after your 8 hours (you better be sleeping at least eight!) of sleep.

    2. Take it down a notch Have a de-stressing routine daily, whether that’s hardcore exercise, yoga, meditation, a walk through the neighborhood or time of prayer. Look for ways in your day to find balance and peace; this does very well to your soul AND gut.

    3. Drink a lot of water (duh!) Like you’ve never heard this before. I know you have but, really, DO IT! Water is the best way to detoxify your system, it hydrates your skin and helps your digestive system—and who doesn’t want that, right?

    4. Eat probiotics and lower your sugar intake These 2 go hand-in-hand because sugar depletes good bacteria from your gut... so while you might want to introduce yogurts and some sort of pickled vegetable to your diet in order to produce good bacteria, you may also want to make sure that those are not filled with sugar.

    5. Hail to all vegetables! Make sure that the biggest portion of your meals is a good amount of vegetables (preferably steamed or sautéed). Why put a Vitamin C mask on your face when you can be eating delicious berries, tomatoes, baby spinach…

    Finally, let me tell you this: Beauty products, in general, should be there to enhance your natural beauty, not to change or mask your best traits. Show off those freckles, be proud of how thin or plush your lips are. Leave those eyebrows alone and please, protect your skin from the sun and clean it with love.

    Non-optional to have at your disposal: A mild cleanser, a good balm and sunscreen (always!).
    How do you take care of your skin? Care to share?
  • 07/25

    Photography © Northern Lighting Imagine a creative force spearheaded by original ideas — in a place where traditional seems like a thing of the past . . . where contemporary artifacts find new friends, and award-winning classics are remade with state of the art materials.
    Look no further than Northern Lighting an Oslo based Studio and Shop that has been featured on this blog for its ingenious ideas and the mastery of their craft.
    From their updated collection, the stunning Say My Name table lamp — now in light grey with a matt finish — stands out as a personal favorite.
    Just looking at it, we can agree that the handcraftsmanship and artistry of Norther Lighting’s pieces is something to write home about.
  • 07/27

    Photography © Nordic Design Collective Nordic Design Collective is a Swedish-based shop like no other. The owner and curator Maria Richardson focuses on creating a marketplace, passionate about supporting independent designers from the Nordic region. She picks like-minded Designers for her shop that are able to convey the same passion she has for hand-crafted pieces and shares beautiful stories about these geniuses' minds, processes and lives. The entire shop concept and the hard work put into every section of it speaks to how much passion goes into creating, curating and supporting this amazing group of Artists.

    Nordic Design Collective's Manifesto says it all - and it's not only inspiring to us as buyers and admirers, but also to the people who are behind the crafting tables. The images above are part of a wonderful set of prints by Details by M - Nordic Design Collective supports other amazing artists sauch as: Camilla Engdahl Dan Isaac Wallin Eva Levin Jenny Kåberg Metalldesign Jois Lundgren Jollygoodfellow La Boheme Magdalena Tyboni Saga Melina and Toril Bækmark - to mention but a few. You can learn more about Maria and Nordic Design Collective by visiting their Facebook, following on Instagram, subscribing via Bloglovin' and following via Twitter or Pinterest. Maria has also kindly created a coupon just for our readers. You can get a 15% off discount by using this code: blogmilk15 and support these wonderful Artists. Expires: August 14th 2016.
  • 07/21

    Photography © VifaVifa is an award-winning speakers brand that has made their way to every Minimalist's heart. Their passion, abilities and ethical approach to their designs is undeniable and a proof of that is their recent collaboration with textile Danish power-house Kvadrat—The Helsinki speaker above is one of the many from their new collection. As is the case with all of the products: The fabric was specifically created to let sound pass perfectly through the woolen threads. The solid aluminum frame is molded in one piece to avoid any assembly marks or frail spots. And the leather strap has been carefully selected and crafted by Swedish leather manufacturer Tärnsjö Garveri.
  • 07/06

    Photography © Northern Lighting Nordic Lighting is an Oslo-based shop established in 2005 by a group of designers, tastemakers and innovators from around the world. Whether crafted into pendant lights, floor lamps, wall lights, table lamps, candle holders or tea lights, each product they make enhances the quality of ambient light and creates a breath-taking atmosphere. Their products are known world-wide and widely used by some of the most inspiring business and creatives.
  • 06/23

    Photography © Muuto Muuto Does it again with the new, stunning Framed Mirrors by Anderssen & Voll. A series of mirrors in two sizes and three color versions. Mirrors with colored glass that challenges the function of a classic mirror and adds the dimension of decoration to an interior setting. Combining different mirrors together creates the playful, warm and eye-catching visual you see above.
  • 06/13

    Photography © Jonas Ingerstedt I've had some very rough days after my dad's passing and after struggling between continuing to work or taking some days off I decided I wasn't being any productive or any creative and that called for a breather. I'm putting all my energy into taking a step forward today, coming back to work full time and trying to make plans ahead. Change is hard, I'm learning to live life a very different way and as hard as it may be I'm partly excited for the process of rebuilding and allowing myself to be once again inspired and full of good energy again. I'm stepping into this with the right foot, just fell in love with Linum and I of course, needed to share.

    Linum was founded over 50 years ago when an unexpected friendship blossomed between Swedish design and Indian craftsmanship. During his travels in India in 1966 Linum’s founder met two ambitious brothers, and this began what would become a life-long friendship and business partnership. They had shared visions and values concerning tradition, quality, and durability, and wished to create long lasting products in harmony with both nature and humans. Their SS16 Collection is inspired by Mrs. Cherry Hope. The name is a flirt with the jazz musician Don Cherry. His music has set the tone for the whole collection.
  • 05/18

    Photography © Kristofer Johnsson Mateus ceramics merges the essence and beauty of Portugal and Sweden in several-astonishing pieces of art. I call it art because each piece is carefully handcrafted from clay and carefully planned by brilliant Portuguese Designers and distributed across Sweden. Lucky them!

    Kristofer Johnsson and Daniella Witte recently joined efforts for Mateus to create the lookbook for their latest Soft Minimal collection. Daniela's styling and Kristofer's photography, as always spot on and very appealing to every minimalist's eye.
  • 05/17

    Photography © Studio Oink Silke Bonde is a Graphic designer and Artist based in Copenhagen. She's also my (and most probably one of your) favorite Artists. Her beautiful printed pieces are not only stunning but inspiring. Silke's "Looking Closer" Collection encourages us to take a closer look at nature and its elements; to ponder and notice all patterns and the evolution of the elements. The use of blue and green tones are characteristic of Northern nature and its beautiful, natural palette. Silke works with watercolors to symbolize the organic shapes found in the exterior. Her minimalist approach takes us right to the Northern Countries, giving us a taste of the stillness found in the outdoors.

    You can find these and more prints from Silke Bonde via her online shop and you can get free shipping by purchasing two or more prints. For more of Silke's work see her Instagram account or take a walk through Copenhagen with her.
  • 05/10

    Photography © Neil Bedford Instrmnt is a Glasgow based, multi-disciplinary team with a single objective: to create minimalist, high quality goods that are accessible to all. From watches to bicycles, yes, bicycles! Instrmnt's products and collaborations are simply magnificent. I admire and share the brand's vision in valuing the process and design primarily with the user in mind.
  • 05/02

    Photography © &Tradition &tradition brings back to life the classic, Verner Panton Flowerpot Pendant in a contemporary range of colours and it's accompanied by the feeling of the original Panton lamp for the generation of peace, love and harmony. Verner Panton started out as a painter before studying architecture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After an apprenticeship with architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, Panton pursued a path in furniture and interior design, where he became famous for his avant-garde designs.
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