• Soft Minimalism


    Photography © Fantastic FrankMinimalism has been my life long time now and will be for many more to come. It's all about the essentials, about not over-accessorizing or owning things you don't need so it naturally focuses on function without compromising looks. For years Minimalists have been pinned as cold because of our monochrome displays and our fidgety passion for organization. Soft Minimalism comes to break all walls and perfectly marries contemporary and minimal. Stopping right at the point in which having less is no longer functional. It also introduces more color, rounded and classic shapes and allows you a real balance if you're not about to strip your life of all the things you deem important. We launched a Collection via our shop last year that clearly exemplifies that. It's a warm type of minimalism translated to blog design which you loved and you asked back. Clearly, we decided to relaunch that and here you find 6 Soft Minimal themes for your eyes, an blogs.
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