• There are four things in this life that will change you. Love, music, art and loss. The first three will keep you wild and full of passion. May you allow the last to make you brave. —Erin Van Vuren

  • Yesterday I published a post about the beautiful hidden villages in Formentera, by GCA Architects. The photographer for that project is the oh-so-talented Salva Lopéz. Salva is an award-winning Spanish Photographer based in Barcelona. He has worked for several noted magazines and agencies such as Monocle, The Wall Street Journal, Kinfolk and Freude von Freuden, among others.

    Salva's work has a distinctive and evocative style. It is filled with nostalgia and it draws the viewer in to lose themselves in the details of each image. Each image a beautifully told, living story.

    His latest project, "From The Darkness", for Open House magazine is exactly that - a magically told story by a wonderfully creative Photographer.

    Creative Direction by Marcelo Martinez & Andrew Trotter · Styling by Jaume Vidiella · Hair & Makeup by Xisca Heba
    Models: Kayako Higuchi & Ronnie Made from Trend Models · Location: Palau de Casavells

  • Formentera is a stunning and acclaimed island in the Mediterranean Balearic sea. Neighbor to Party Central, Ibiza, Formentera is in contrast a peaceful escape surrounded by villages, dirt roads and secluded retreats where many lucky families make their home. One of those villages that can be found on the island is this beautiful abode, planned and designed by GCA Architects – also from Spain. The company was tasked to create a home that blended with the environment and spoke of the feel of the site. Clearly that was successfully achieved.

    The project is divided into three separate villages that used natural and texture-filled materials that bring warmth and beauty to the interiors: micro cement, timber and wood, to mention a few.

    The simplicity of the village exterior effortlessly blends into the outdoors, it almost seems like an extension of the rocky, Mediterranean outdoors. This residence is truly a portrait of slow-living, natural elegance and the spirit of Mediterranean living - GCA Architects went above and beyond the project's scope, converting this into a safe retreat for the families who reside in them.

    Ph. Salva López

  • Annika and Nicklas Claesson are the brilliant couple behind the new Wall of Art gallery and online art shop. It all started when they were shopping around for art pieces for their new apartment – a task that seemed easy enough – which ended up being rather daunting and costly... so Annika decided to pick up her brushes and make art for their home. This is how the initial idea for building a curated art shop was born – out of the need to find art that was interesting and unique whilst not breaking their bank.

    I'm sure many of you can relate. I for sure can. In the world of online art when we see several pieces, we often need to choose between purchasing either the "cheap" ones or the interesting and beautiful ones.

    Wall of Art's mission is to bring you art that is both affordable and beautiful. They are giving artists a chance to be wildly creative and daring and they are making those pieces available to a wider audience by fairly pricing them. It’s a win-win situation, really. You get the art that your heart desires and your home needs, while artists get the chance to stick to what they want to create in an environment that appreciates both them and the client. How genius is that?

    Their studio in Odengatan 39 is a work of art in itself. They offer the clients who walk in all their expertise in creating art walls and they also own a show room at café Pom & Flora, located right next to the studio.

    I must confess that as I designer and artist I want to both buy art and create art for such a wonderful company. Don't you?

    Ph. Wall of Art



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