• Bedroom Styling Tips From A Pro


    Photography © Andrea Papini Soft, muted colors, tranquility and light form part of Pro-Stylist Amanda Rodriguez's dream bedroom vision. Amanda Rodriguez is a freelance concept stylist, based in Stockholm. She works on the borderline between reality and illusion through her characteristic and playful use of shadow, light and composition - which rightly so, has propelled her to the top of the list where the best Stylists in the world co-exist.

    Amanda recently partnered with Ikea for a three-part project series called Bedroom Of A Stylist A jam-packed with stunning bedroom styling tips must-read, that is, where she shines by birthing an oasis in the heart of a concrete jungle. Her underlying concept was to create a space filled with air, calm and softness by keeping objects at a low level and playing with natural light coming in from the large window. The article walks you through her thought and creative process and gives you ideas you're going to want to start tinkering with today.
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