• Photography ©️ Ariel Huber

    This beautiful sea-facing apartment, located in Mumbai, is the brainchild of Case Design. The partnership between this fantastic team and the owner resulted in a relaxing-yet-character-filled home that’s deserving of an award for their majestic use of locally-sourced materials and products.

    Case Design focused on making this home speak of the surrounding culture, affording peace and respite in a chaotic city—bringing in texture, recycled Burma tweak, local marble, Makrana tiles and a stunning collection of objects designed by them with natural materials.

    The Rolling Round Light makes an appearance on the bedside table and it’s just as functional as it is a piece of art. The round table lamp relies on its carefully calibrated center of gravity to delicately balance and find rest. A gentle nudge sets it in slow motion to roll, sway and eventually return to its original position.

    What a stunner this entire project is, a true oasis of inspiration for the minimalists who appreciate color and craftsmanship. Don't you think?

  • Photography © Line Klein

    Jotun has quickly become a leader in Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings around the world. Though the company has been established for a long time in Norway and neighboring countries, they expanded throughout the world at the start of the millennium.

    The famous brand has recently launched the new Lady Color Chart for 2018 entitled 'Rhythm of Life', making reference to a home’s own soul. The collection besets three different color schemes: Silent Serenity, City Motions and Lush Garden. Making a total of 32 stunning matte and luxurious shades inclusive of everyone’s personal style and needs.

    From the flawless collection, Lush Garden stands out for me as a favorite. Reflecting my own desire to connect with nature whilst residing in the concrete jungle—The palette recalls the nuance of the outdoors with colors like 'Evening Green', 'Golden Bronze' and my top #1 'Laurel'.

    Have you chosen your favorite color for 2018?
  • Photography © Per Jansson This beautifully renovated loft located in Stockholm is a display of light and well-thought design. From top to bottom, from room to room, this home is clearly a project of love. I'm particularly attracted to the openness of this home, the clever use of space, kitchen floors and intricate pieces of art on the walls. It's almost making me regret having already bought paint for my living room walls... Almost.
  • Photography © Glen Proebstel and Pia Ulin The cozy season is here and H&M as per usual has done it again with the launch of their new collection. The Art Direction and Photography for this project is flawless and clearly speaks of the company's vision to transform your home for the change of Season. I'm liking the rawness and texture of these walls more and more. If you're feeling inspired, head to the site and check out the entire collection.

  • New Interior Decoration Trends
    Fall is coming... and with it my yearly obsession to soften the whiteness of my home and add more natural elements to the decor. I couldn’t be more excited to see this new wave of Fall trends for 2016 that are not exaggerated or overwhelmingly orange. I'm particularly fixated on the rawness of the colors and materials used in the apartment pictured above - and unsurprisingly I (once again) feel like I’ve found the perfect color for my walls. Since a lot of the elements in this home already match the look of objects I have scattered around my home, I will (in baby-step fashion) pull the trigger this time and give that beautiful textured wall a try. Because, why not?

    Styling: Linnéa Salmén
    Via: Fantastic Frank
  • Photography © Riikka Kantinkoski The ever so brilliant Finnish Design Shop has released a beautifully curated collection of minimal home office pieces. I have to fully agree with their belief that a well-planned storage system, comfortable chair and desk are essential for your productivity. The list includes favorites like Norman Copenhagen, Muuto, Marimekko, Iitala and Hay among other greats.

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