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    In recent years, minimal and Scandinavian interior styles have taken a dramatic shift and they’ve redefined our notion of a "clean" space by daring to add color, texture and rawness to what we thought should be "clean-lined", white and straight-forward.

    The lack of sunlight in the Nordic regions (about 1,000 hours short of the amount of sunlight enjoyed in Sydney) is believed to be the foundation for the trend of bright and simple Scandinavian homes–a natural consequence to the color-charged past of the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s.

    What Scandinavian interior design is shaping up to create is a middle ground between the over-colorful past and the white-washed millennium. The transition was clear a couple of years back, when the fashion industry decided to bring back an array of strong colors mixed with a nude color palette–pulling back from an all black and white narrative.

    Although many people are mentally prepared to accept new trends and change, I might be one to always stay on the more neutral side. That’s why I fell in loved with this apartment featured via Fantastic Frank. It’s living proof that we CAN have it all. It’s the softness of the walls, the functionality of the space and the boldness of an unexpected emerald green as the accent color.

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    The mention of having color in a home doesn’t necessarily have to make you cringe. Although I'm very indecisive when it comes to picking paint colors for my apartment, I do very well picking decoration items and furniture that might scare any hardcore minimalist...

    I believe that’s because I share one thing with the Scandinavians (maybe it's because I spend most of my time cooped up indoors): their appreciation for nature. Not only that they have plants around their homes; but also that their passion for the outdoors is responsible for many of their trends–the colors in their designs, the materials they use, the art on their walls–it all adds to their sensorial experience.

    So if you are also afraid to introduce color into your home, this beautiful open-concept apartment is the perfect example of how. Design, function and style. The clear floors, open space and use of natural material like rattan chairs and plants create a perfect harmony between the old and new trends.

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    Floor Lamp Chair Emerald Throw Washed Linen Duvet

    Two words: Green. Marble.

    Yes, the sadly overdone traditional white marble has finally taken a back seat to make way for a refreshing and envelope-pushing wave of stones. The Bursa Beige and Pink Onyx are the most used by the romantic "Soft Minimalists"–and thought I find any type of stone beautiful, this one here hit me right in the heart.

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    Eames Rocking Chair Emerald Green Cushion Dish Brush Nebulosa Side Plate Cutting Board Brown Bowl Linen Cushion Ramona Rattan Chair
    The peaceful and clean feel of this home isn’t affected by the mix of textures, bold colors, materials and preconceived notions of what minimalism should be. In fact, this is one place that can easily debunk the myth of a white-only Scandinavian design.

    Don’t you think?

  • Annaleena Leino-Karlsson

    I’ve had Annalena’s home tour saved in my bookmarks for months now and as the stars seemed to have aligned this weekend and I got some time to myself (and some good reads) I decided to consume a handful of articles as if there wasn’t another weekend on the horizon.

    In case you’ve been living under a rock or the online world isn’t one of your priorities (kudos to you) . . . let me introduce you to the master stylist, vanguard photographer and genius product-and-everything-else designer that is the one and only Annaleena Leino-Karlsson. I could very well cut this post short and the images of her home would speak for themselves—but no, I cannot just shut up about something that has positively and massively impacted me, as I’m sure you know by now.

    Annaleena started as most of us do. A blogger with an immense passion for (in her case) interior, product design and minimalism. A short while after making her introduction into this world, she started creating her own products and soon getting recognized for her effortless style and work, which if I may say, are well worth our admiration.

    Her home intentionally speaks of what she’s all about. Not only is it unique—I mean, how couldn’t it be when she designs most of her art and pieces?—but her home is also a therapeutic work of art. Based in Ekerö, Sweden, this is one of those tours that get people talking. We all want to know the story behind it: the what’s, why’s, who’s and where’s.

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    Chair Muuto Swivel Armchair
    Sculpture Kristina Haataja
    Floor Lamp Muuto leaf Lamp
    Marble Box Hay
    Black Porcelain Gibson Home

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    This open-concept home has been transformed into the perfect atmosphere for Annaleena’s work—the works of art of the minimalist design houses we all love and those of like-minded pioneers. The hall was converted into a private showroom for Analeena, while the stunning open living room combines some of her treasures: The classic leaf lamp by muuto, a large leather sofa, a stunning piece by Kristiina Haataja and her family-inherited piano make a perfect composition for the stunning nature-filled backdrop.

    From Annaleena’s front door to her jaw-dropping concrete patio, this home is one for the books. That is why I insist that minimalism is worth a try—It simply allows space for true greatness.

  • Photography ©️ Ariel Huber

    This beautiful sea-facing apartment, located in Mumbai, is the brainchild of Case Design. The partnership between this fantastic team and the owner resulted in a relaxing-yet-character-filled home that’s deserving of an award for their majestic use of locally-sourced materials and products.

    Case Design focused on making this home speak of the surrounding culture, affording peace and respite in a chaotic city—bringing in texture, recycled Burma tweak, local marble, Makrana tiles and a stunning collection of objects designed by them with natural materials.

    The Rolling Round Light makes an appearance on the bedside table and it’s just as functional as it is a piece of art. The round table lamp relies on its carefully calibrated center of gravity to delicately balance and find rest. A gentle nudge sets it in slow motion to roll, sway and eventually return to its original position.

    What a stunner this entire project is, a true oasis of inspiration for the minimalists who appreciate color and craftsmanship. Don't you think?

  • Photography © Line Klein

    Jotun has quickly become a leader in Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings around the world. Though the company has been established for a long time in Norway and neighboring countries, they expanded throughout the world at the start of the millennium.

    The famous brand has recently launched the new Lady Color Chart for 2018 entitled 'Rhythm of Life', making reference to a home’s own soul. The collection besets three different color schemes: Silent Serenity, City Motions and Lush Garden. Making a total of 32 stunning matte and luxurious shades inclusive of everyone’s personal style and needs.

    From the flawless collection, Lush Garden stands out for me as a favorite. Reflecting my own desire to connect with nature whilst residing in the concrete jungle—The palette recalls the nuance of the outdoors with colors like 'Evening Green', 'Golden Bronze' and my top #1 'Laurel'.

    Have you chosen your favorite color for 2018?
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