• The Beauty of Not Perfect Linen


    Photography © notPerfectLinen not Perfect Linen is a family-owned shop by Simona Rimkiene and based in Lithuania. Simona grew up watching her mother sew, surrounded by her brilliant ingenuity and craft. After testing the professional field as a Lawyer, Simona decided to embark on her business adventure with her mother and they started their absolutely stunning brand not Perfect Linen. I felt immediately compelled to share after reading Simone's words which very much encapsulate why I love linen so much: “The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect."

    The Rimkiene family focuses exactly on the idea that linen shouldn't anything but simple, natural and honest. I have to agree with that because after falling in love with linen a couple of years ago and repeatedly, thinking of it and gushing over it here - I've found that it only gets prettier with the pass of time. All non Perfect Linen items are made in a home studio with Baltic linen and as far as I can see, a load of dedication, passion and love. Raise your hand if you love linen.
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