• 5 Minimalist D.I.Ys To Get You In The Holiday Mood

    I don’t know about you... but I’ve been having the hardest time getting into the Holiday mood this time 'round. You can probably tell by the following tweet:

    Random lady: "Ah! it smells like Christmas". . . Me: Smiles while thinking, "Really? 'Cause to me it smells a lot like hot, dirty sewage water." #notinthemood
    Don’t judge me, it’s stifling down here in my neck of the woods.

    The good part is the the internet provides us with an abundance of daily inspiratio –so instead of wallowing in my weather issues or my drops of sweat, I’ve decided to give the spirit a chance and try all (or at least one) of the following things, so me and my little one can move towards some sort of Christmas enjoyment.

    If you, like me, are in need of a little... try these:

    Maiju Saw

    1. No tree, no problem
    Instead of racing out the door to get a Christmas tree just so you can get some excitement, try new and more creative avenues. Scavenge some nice branches and make your own tree.

    Elisabeth Heier

    2. Christmas gifts wrapping theme
    Wrapping presents is usually on our list of obligations and there’s very little enjoyment drawn from a chore. Can we agree on that? I personally always pick a theme for my present-wrapping. The fun in this is that there are no rules and you can go the extra mile by personalizing everyone’s present–from wrapping to gift.

    Kim Grimshaw & Aimee Twigger

    3. Shake things up in the kitchen department
    If you’re a regular here, you might have heard about the disaster that I managed to concoct last Christmas while trying to be an overachiever. Clearly, I wasn’t about to repeat my luck this year... so instead, I’ve planned on doing 2-3 things well. By that I mean if I’m going to embark on making, say, Christmas cookies and side dishes, they better knock everyone’s socks off.

    Pictured above: Caramelized Shallots with A Chestnut Crumb and Mushroom Shaped Ginger Cookies that will make part of my repertoire. Wild, I know.

    4. Make a one-of-a-kind wreath
    This is something I have never tried - but earlier this year I got a brass ring and some materials to make my own… and what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a simple and inexpensive project you can do at home with a ring and some eucalyptus?

    Maiju Saw

    5. The smell of Christmas in garland shape
    A lot of my childhood memories are triggered by smell. Orange and cinnamon are right up there along with pine and mint for my Christmas memories – so yes, it only makes sense to make a garland out of them and hang it right above my bed. I won’t have any excuse to wake up Grinch-ey anymore, will I?

    The best part about these projects are not that they will keep you busy or that they will bring you some “holiday feelings”... but that we can do them with our little ones. Extra family time is the goal, because in the end that’s what the Holidays are about.

    Do you and your family have any recurrent DIYs for this season? Do share.

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