• How To Treat Yourself To A Perfect 2018


    A new year is starting. And up until 2 nights ago, I was feeling hopeful and excited. I felt the same anticipation and excitement as I did when I was a kid and the first day of School was just around the corner. I used to collage all my notebook covers and wrap them in waterproof paper myself, I'd plan a new routine and hang my new uniform right outside my bathroom door–I felt prepared.

    I admit that's not the same sentiment I'm feeling as I write this. The truth is, these last couple of years have been mostly a downer for me. SO much has happened to me, to my loved ones and to my life in general that I cannot help but feel a mixture of excitement and reservations for what 2018 has in store for us this time around.

    While dwelling on this subject last night I started to remember those tidbits of good that I've also had this last year . . . and I realized that the only certainty we can have when starting a new cycle or phase is that we will look back and there will be things that rescue our worst years, things that are relatively small, that cost nothing but have a profound meaning in our lives.

    I looked back to 2017 and was able to savor my successes. I let go of things that once stopped me from feeling at peace. And I also changed. I'm sure I've become a more resilient and more flexible person as a result of all the not-so-positive gremlins that still rummage around in my life.

    Apieceapart and Emily Laye

    So why always the *hope* that the New Year will bring the changes and chances that we so long for? Why leave it to the New Year to somehow, *hopefully* be so much better–when we can actively decide–when we can shift our focus to what is truly important, to what's permanent and meaningful in our lives and forget the added stuff?

    The secret to treating myself to a perfect 2018 will be to live it intentionally and to not be afraid of whatever happens–and when December 30th, 2018 also comes knocking on my door–there I will be, marveling at the good and seeing how all the bad affected me positively in the end.

    If you are also feeling anxious about closing a difficult year, try this instead of scribbling down your New Year’s goals: reflect on the year that has passed. What's been your greatest lost and how do you feel about it now? What has been your biggest success? How did 2017 changed you? ... And lastly, what did you worry about the most in 2017 and how has it turned out?

    Hope is essential. We need it. We need to be hopeful for a new start, for a new chance . . . and when that's difficult, looking back and realizing it was all OK in the end can bring us the peace of mind that we need to rest assured that the next cycle we’re about to embark on can be anything–it can be easy (or maybe not) but in the end, there will be many things to hold onto.

    I wish you a fantastic 2018. May you enjoy every single bit of it.

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