• How To: Vintage Minimalism


    Some might find the combination between vintage and minimalist style contradictory. For ages we've seen vintage evolving around a more maximalist basis... but as soft minimalism grows stronger, it is proving us wrong and convincing us that these two styles can in fact go hand in hand.

    This characterful apartment based in Sweden is a beautiful showcase of the pleasant little marriage between the two. The home is newly renovated and–for the lucky ones living in Sweden–up for grabs; 3,05m ceilings and gorgeous muted colored walls serve as the perfect canvas for the luscious pieces of art hanging from the walls and the stunning vintage pieces of decor, scattered around the spacious place.

    The not-so-secret secret lies in maintaining a minimalist and mindful mindset when it comes to the acquisition of the decor pieces and considering space and color. This place does it perfectly, bringing us small vintage details–like the simple color on the kitchen counters, that stunning "Smeg" cooker hood and the retro lines on the furniture–while combining that with more modern pieces and trends.

    Below are a few suggestions, in case you want to make this a part of your space.


    If you read my previous post, you might have already heard this from me... but keep in mind, a minimalist approach is not about deprivation–it's merely about cutting out the excess.

    What do you think about this style: thumbs up or down?
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