• 04/21

    Photography © Hannah Trickett "This was a project about making something extraordinary out of the very ordinary." McLaren Excell truly achieved that with this West London house. Kate and Ewan Thompson approached the firm to extend and re-furbish their Victorian terraced house in Shepherd’s Bush for a growing family and they were clearly successful at transforming this space into an open, family-friendly nest.

    McLaren Excell is a design-led architecture practice based in Chelsea, Central London. The practice is co-directed by Luke McLaren and Robert Excell, working primarily on private residential and commercial projects.
  • 04/06

    Photography © We Architecture This is the perfect example of how nature and simplicity are a beautiful combination. Not one competing with the other and both complementing one another in the best ways possible. The house shows endless possibilities in the inside and a wonderful sight outdoors.

    The House Boat is the work of art of We Architecture - A firm based in beautiful Denmark. The boat house is located on the beach 20 metres from the water edge in the surroundings at Svallerup Strand. Their client requested to use the house to store boats, fishing gear, bikes, kayaks and tools - but also use it as a place where they could sit and enjoy the sunset and have guests staying there for the night.
  • 02/03

    Photography © Brooke Holm While the world might have gotten over Plywood, I stand by my belief that a little Plywood makes life better. When I say a little I mean the exact amount used by Australian, brilliant Designer Rob Kennon for the project Lees House. The Melbourne-based home displays a fun mix of concrete, plywood, black and white tiles that gives this an industrial look without taking away softness and femininity.
  • 01/08

    Photography © Mikael Axelsson Usine is mix of French and Scandinavian style Restaurant Bistro, Bar Poche 36, café, take-away, reception and conference space, it's located in Stockholm. This 200 sqm gem was created by inspirational designer Richard Lindvall. The industrial feel is what drew me to it. The entire project from branding to architecture has been carefully and perfectly planned.
  • 12/22

    Photography © Mikael Olsson Styling: Alexandra Ogonowski The magnificent Six Walls House has been designed by Arrhov Frick Arkitektkontor in such a beautiful way that all six walls face many sides of the beautiful nature surrounding the house. The minimalistic interior create the perfect canvas for relaxation and privacy though the houses exterior is mostly made of glass. I don't know about you but I can't get enough of this.
  • 10/06

    Photography © Hans Verstuyft Architecten I'm admiring this stunning lamp by the geniuses over at Hans Verstuyft Architecten designed for Trizo21 Hans Verstuyft Architecten stand out for their sober approach, always reducing instead of adding unnecessary features. They believe that "Sober works often have a strong appearance." and I completely agree.
  • 07/07

    Photography © Norm Architects Whenever I make reference to Norm Architects I'm wide aware that Minimalists like myself might have blogged the s-word out of it, though this I cannot let pass by. With Cofoco’s new restaurant concept “Italy” Norm Architects explored the balance between the unknown and the familiar. Creating an atmosphere that is Italian, but seen from a Scandinavian mindset. Perfectly done, as everything touched by Norm.
  • 05/13

    Photography © Gustav Willeit Currently admiring this wonderful home and location. This is the work of Pedevilla Architects, the studio was founded in 2005 by brothers Alexander and Armin Pedevilla. The award-winning practice has completed many residential, commercial, community and public projects. This home is not only beautiful but surrounded with pure / breathtaking landscapes of Alpine mountaintops. Simply stunning.
  • 04/16

    Photography © Rob Mills Architects The best architecture combines aesthetic beauty and functionality in a perfect whole. It forms buildings that are one with their environment, that are designed to last. At Bayside, visionary Australian architect Rob Mills’ ultra-contemporary apartments are infused by just such qualities. Signature touches found in his iconic Melbourne homes — clever use of light and air, simple palettes, and organic materials such as natural stone and oak timber flooring — result in fourteen apartments as spacious, luxurious and refined as the boulevard on which they sit.
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