• 09/02

    Photography © Renee Kemps When you read this, I’ll be perusing the beautiful Brazilian coastal city of Natal, eating some of the purest açaí bowls in the world... and very probably still thinking about this simple yet delicious recipe. I’ve been on a health stint lately and I couldn’t be enjoying it more than I am right now making every decision in my day count. I don’t know if you knew: Coconut and Cocoa Nibs are the best decisions–always. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.

    Renee Kemps A talented Photography based out of Amsterdam and London–is responsible for re-awakening my passionate affair with both because her recipe hits your taste buds up just the way they like it. Renee also includes a recipe for Double Chocolate Brownie with whipped Creme Fraîche Cream and toasted Hazelnuts. I know.
  • 08/17

    Photography © WSIHFBMy current breakfast routine is nothing to write home about. I usually just go for the easiest bet which in my book is oatmeal, while my head indulges in graphic breakfast images like this Poached Egg Over Millet stunner. I decided to give this recipe a go on Sunday (night) and even though I already knew it wouldn't disappoint - Because, as you know What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today is one of my favorite food blogs and Martha Greber my imaginary kick-ass food Guru. As usual, I was more than pleased with the results, millet happens to be one of my favorite things to eat, to a point in which one of the themes from my previous blog layouts collection was affectionately named after that holy grain. Go to Martha's blog for the full recipe and let me know if you give it a try.

    Photography via: What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today
  • 05/20

    Photography © Snixy KitchenI'm thrilled to have gotten back to the healthy lifestyle I used to live and now I find myself at the point of indulgence. To illustrate what I mean by that just look above. Sarah's recipe for Vegan Cardamon Ice Cream will make an appearance in this weekend's menu at my place and I couldn't be happier. Snixy Kitchen is a blog jam-packed with comforting recipes and heart-warming stories that just managed to put a smile on my face and will definitely put a smile on yours.
  • 05/16

    Photography © Dan Hocking Smalls is a wine bar in South Melbourne with a focus on small wine producers from all over the world. The interior project is a work of art by Fiona Lynch Studio, renowned for their artistic approach to interior design. For this project the firm was requested to create a space that was intimate and reflected on the boutique nature of the small producers wine served. The end product is a perfect marriage between the bar's unique approach and intimate interiors.
  • 05/09

    Photography © Marta Greber I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your loved ones. Here's to many more breakfasts in bed and family brunches that recharge our energy. This Sweet Quinoa recipe was on the menu this weekend and I couldn't have asked for more. The recipe is by Marta Greber, the brilliant brains behind the blog What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today? The blog focuses on breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day and also that time when we can catch some quiet time and it's jam-packed with recipes and travel guides that are to-die-for.
  • 04/24

    Photography © Pinch of Yum I've probably been speaking about my back-to-a-healthy-lifestyle journey a little bit too much but how can I help myself when I keep finding and testing gorgeous recipes like this Creamy Green Shakshuka With Rice one, which I'll make for the second time today. Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom are the killer duo behind Pinch Of Yum When it comes to food blogging, food photography and thorough recipes they are the geniuses you'll need.
  • 04/14

    Photography © The Awesome Green etting back to my regular workout routine and healthy lifestyle hasn't been all that easy. Or was until I started planning ahead using recipes from some of the sites I like the most. I'm not vegan and I'm very far from being one but I truly enjoy eating quick and tasty food. Vegan or not, I also like to add a bunch of greens to my meals so this recipe made it to my weekly menu 3 times this week. Ana of The Awesome Green has an incredible repertoire that I'm dying to dive into.
  • 07/02

    Photography © Anders Schønemann Bo Bedre has been one of my favorite websites for a long while and now I can whole-heatedly say I've become obsessed with it. Their food posts are incredibly inviting and having tested a few of their recipes I can truly say they more than do the trick. Their Festive Menu and scrumptious Men's Dinner are on the top of my list. I'm a girl that loves her pork rinds and choose beer over wine any time. Have a look at their site and get in the kitchen now... Or later.
  • 04/02

    Photography © Studio You Me So much girl power in my posts this week. The creative women of Studio You Me are Kestie Lane and Hana Hakim. Their partnership is based on a mutual love of design, food, art and all things unique and obscure. This love of design unites them yet they each bring unique strengths and their individual sense of style and confidence to the practice. Their vision of The Kettle Black is simply magnificent. The Kettle Black has a quiet confidence nestled under the belly of an Elenberg Fraser apartment tower on Albert Road, South Melbourne. The light filled café is elegant and warm, it is authentic and hand crafted and is genuinely a feel good space with a friendly hustle. The black crafted steel hanging waiters stations and communal tables add the tough edge whilst the hexagonal marble tiles and brass detailing bring a refined elegance and luxury to the café. The true beauty and innovation of this project is how the design slowly reveals itself with a series of vignettes within the interior, an ordinary concrete construction pipe transformed into an elegant brass lined water basin. Stunning.
  • 01/06

    Photography © Jaime Navarro I just came across Hueso Restaurant based in Mexico and I could not let this one go... Like a dog with a bone, get it? The restaurant is located in the Lafayette design district of the city - where renowned Mexican architect Diaz Morales for instance lives and works - the renovated modernist 1940s house with its lofty ceilings and startling décor is a masterpiece in its own right. Hueso, meaning ‘bone’ in English, couldn’t have a better name for a concept which according to Alfonso Cadena was ‘inspired by Darwinism’. Throughout the interiors, over 10,000 cast aluminium animal bones have been mounted on timber blocks to cover the walls like a second skin.

    Read More via Yatzer
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