• 06/16

    Photography © Mikkel Mortensen It's been more than a while since I've taken the time to simply rant about here on the blog, but as I daily battle the state of the heat and the mess that is my hair I keep considering chopping my locks and the haircut above looks like would do the trick. Only thing is, whenever I go about cutting my hair I start missing it 48-72 hours after it's done. Do you feel the same?
  • 12/26

    Post Christmas Photography © Ana Degenaar How's the most wonderful time of the year treating you? After months of work, deadlines and traveling I finally got to wind-down and indulge in laziness, the sea and good food yesterday e.g. This redcurrant breakfast bowl. As the new year approaches I cannot help but feel excited and grateful for what the last 360 days have been, as usual we've launched a Theme Sale on Christmas eve that will end on January 1st while we work on a new and special collection that our European clients have been requesting to see. I've also partnered with some amazing Artists and Designers recently and their websites are starting to launch. I couldn't be happier for your trust, your wonderful and constant emails and all your views. You've kept me inspired this year and for that I wish I could give you a real hug. Here's to a good Holiday time.
  • 08/04

    Photography © Lauretta Suter I don't know if you'd agree but life on my side of the woods is a constant up and down these days...so I've decided to not fight it and just go with the flow. To be very honest, this is harder for me than just keeping on going but after years and years of doing this I know better (sort of) and if I don't stop now, life and exhaustion will force me to.

    All that to say, lovelies... I'm taking a 2 week break from blogging. I cannot thank you enough for how lovely and patient you are when times out here get rough. In the meantime there are a few things you can do so we can stay connected, you can follow on Facebook and take advantage of the Giveaway closing today, see what we're up to via Upbeet Juice on Instagram, keep in touch via Twitter or just make a mental note that I'll be coming back soon.

    Have a great Summer time and soak up the sun before it's gone. Peace and light.
  • 07/21

    Photography © Ana Degenaar "Life doesn't stop for anyone" is probably the truest thing I've heard lately. Life really does not stop and so we can't. The overwhelming thought of that gave me so much anxiety in the beginning but ended up helping me learn to pick my battles, to work the hardest when I can and to cut myself some slack when I cannot. The poster above has become more than an item of decoration, it is at this time of my life something that means much more and I'm happy I can see it every time I get into my office. Let us never forget how valuable life and family is. Here's to a love-filled week. Cheers!
  • 11/27


    Photography © Unknown I know... Haven't I become the epitome of post-titling creativity? Enough bragging.
    All I wanted was to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. This is probably my favorite celebration of the year and even though I'm not doing anything except working tomorrow I still feel a rush of gratitude and peace.  Thankful people are definitely happy people. I also wanted to find a way to say "Thank You" that goes beyond words make sure to stop by our Shop tomorrow and enjoy beautifying your blogs. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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