• 12/05

    wishing holiday edition
    The holidays are so close I can already smell them... Or maybe it's all the Christmas cookies, panettones and mulled wine my neighbors are making. In any case, I continue to be stoked for the Holidays and this wishlist doubles as a Holiday Gift Guide for my type. First on the list this Faux Leather Jacket by Zara because I'm simply adoring ribbed dresses and this goes very well together. This simple and beautiful Fiber Chair by Muuto, the Sandrine perfume by Grandiflora. This beautiful Syra print by Nicolas Sisto, these amazing Silo Suede Boots by none other than Acne, this stunning Concrete Light by Menu available for pre-order and last but not least, a find for the kiddos, this adorable Bear Sweatshirt by our favorite Mini Rodini. What's on your wishlist?
  • 11/05

    Photography © Need Supply What would we do without Need Supply Co. I'm absolutely loving their Fall / Winter Collection. On the top of my list are the items above like these wonderful Studio Pants and No Light Coat. In reality, I love everything in the collection, I'm just pretending to have some sort of self control. What's on your wish list?
  • 10/24

    I've been on a wishful mood lately. It might have something to do with my coming trips and all the beautiful things my favorite shops are coming out with for Winter. First on my list something that I'm going to get no matter what because I'm passionately in love with the new Pocket Organizers by Normann Copenhagen. Next on my wish list and this almost goes all the way to daydream, this entire ensemble by Christophe Lemaire. This Tube Bangle by &OtherStories (Now in The Nederlands!). Continuing with my list and clear OCD issues: Afteroom Caddies by Menu. That gorgeous Camel Coat and Dress by Zara and last but not least this shoes I'm still trying to find the source for. What's on your list?
  • 08/20

    W i s h i n g
    There's so much I'm loving lately. Here are a few of the things I'm itching to get, like that Muji coffee maker, and man, do I need it. The mesh lamp to bring some softness to my home. The menu chair, 'cause who doesn't want a 3 legged chair, that "Girl Print". One perfect shopping bag and body cream, because I should always remember to smear some all over my body. What are you wishing for these days?
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  • 05/02


    W i s h i n g
    On my wanted list are things you could also give a mum like me, take notes: This stunning jacket by Cédric Charlier, I might not love the price but I'm head over heels for the product. Next, this gorgeous lounge chair by Cecile Manz, this copper coffee table as well as these beautiful high ankle boots by Zara, my new "must have" SYL Bag and last this beer foamer by Menu. You read it here. I like beer more than wine. Eek! What's on your list?
  • 04/23

    B u i l d i n g B l o c k
    I've been eying this weekender bag for a few days now and the more I look at it, the more I fall in love. Building Block is a multi-medium design project based in Los Angeles, established in 2011. The project seeks to clear away conventional standards of luxury by magnifying what is essential and editing out excess. It suggests a minimalist alternative to accessories through the exploration of utilitarian materials + forms, finding continual inspiration in returning to square one. Raise your hand if you're in love!
  • 04/03


    On my wanted list this week: This very interesting print by RK Design, a lovely pedal bin by Menu, this Gridy Me Mirror also by Menu, the famous Le Sac en Papier by Be-Poles, most needed Sort of Coal Shampoo and last but not least this beautiful Gubi 13F Chair by Komplot. What's on your list this week?
  • 03/18


    On my wanted list this week: This beautiful architectural maillot by Kore which (insert blushed face here) I can already check off my list because, you know... Swimsuits are a basic necessity when you live in what feels like an eternal Summer. For my training and running needs, nude WMNS Nikes. Just because, this lovely concrete candle holder. For the little one in my life (another check, gulp!) the cutest Goodnight cushion by Studio Meez. For rainy days this Agren Throw and last but not least for our organizational needs this Restore Storage Basket. We've got all our needs covered, right?

    Your turn. What's on your list this week?
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