• Photography © Sam McAdam-Cooper Zakkia is a Sydney based homewares brand, founded by Sara Lundgren - Sara specialise in Marketing Communications & Branding. She recently opened a stunning online shop called Zakkia which was founded in late 2012. Growing up in Sweden Sara was surrounded by design her entire childhood, and since moving to Bondi this passion grew even more as she was inspired by the natural beauty of her new environment. Zakkia was born by combining these two influences into a range of unique homewares and lifestyle products. The photos above are part of Zakkia's newest beautiful collection. Enjoy.
  • Photography © Stelton Stelton wants to be the most innovative, trend setting design brand house based on the Scandinavian design philosophy. A brand the best designers in the world wish to work for. Their team of Designers is in fact enviable and their products, absolute minimal-perfection. Stelton's Fall Stockholm Horizon Collection by Bernadotte & Kylberg is inspired by Stockholm’s archipelago and the stunning - almost magical shades of blue caught my eyes just as much as their well-deserved, award-winning Emma collection, which I'm fond of for personal and obvious reasons.
  • Photography © Nicholas Wilkins Studio 11:11 is the lovechild born from two Melbourne-based interior designers who endeavor to embrace the inherent honesty of handmade design. With a penchant for architectural aesthetics that reflect the creative soul of the city, Studio 11:11 prefers simplicity to perfection. Their designs are created through a process of distillation between the initial concept and the final outcome, leaving room for practicality and experimentation.Through intentional detailing, considered design, and quality workmanship they have crafted products that are timeless in both style and durability.
  • Photography © Thit Klein Hello again wonderful people! This post was supposed to go about about 12 days ago but life happened and here I am coming back to work today and publishing this gem for you, though you might have already seen this all over the internet. The new Broste Copenhaguen Collection is almost out for Spring and Summer 2015. The usual brilliant work of Photographer Line Thit Klein, Photographer Assistant Chris Tonnesen and Stylist Marie Graunbøl has one more time stunned me. Cheers to the rest of your week!
  • Photography © Magazyn MAGAZYN, is an independent store located in the heart of Antwerp founded by Thomas Haarman’s. Products are made by hand from natural materials and inspired by minimalism. The shop's Architecture and Interiors also form part of the wonderful job of MAGAZYN. The physical shop marries the vision of Thomas by using natural materials and raw concrete. Simply stunning.
  • Photography © Unknown ee12 is relational fashion – a new lifestyle concept that revolves around sensory experiences, relations, functionality and durable aesthetics. ee12 goes beyond the fashion industry’s seasonal dictate and offers collections in cuts and materials that are designed to last. I just came across this shop's website and I'm already hooked. Wishing you a happy week and New Year.
  • Photography © Swoon Swoon is a new furniture company with a long experience. The new collection is designed by Fredrik Wallner and opens entirely new possibilities to customize the bathroom interior. You combine colours, knobs & handles, legs and taps directly in the Digital Showroom, then press “enter" and get custom made furnishings delivered directly to your door step. Sounds perfect, doesn't it?
  • Photography © Takumi Ota The geniuses behind Nendo have completed a stunning project for concept store BEIGE located in the Tamagawa Takashimaya shopping centre in suburban Tokyo. They've vertically divided the space into 3. Library, Shop and Gallery. The division and organization of this space helps maintain a minimal and spacious feeling while giving the shop all the character you see in the photos above. Read more about this and other Nendo Projects and don't forget to visit our Shop for the relaunch of your favorite themes.
  • Photography © Carmen Trueba I've been looking for new prints to change the air in my home and yesterday I came across this wonderful shop. VonTrueba is an Architectural and Design Studio based in London. Carmen Trueba's work is simply stunning and her latest Veggie Collection has completely captivated me, specially that first leaf print. Carmen finds her inspiration in different materials, textures and geometry. Genius work.
  • Photography © Annaleena Hem There's so much going on these days. I've been here and there and thinking that if I continue going like this I won't ever be able to stop. I'm happy though, happy to be busy, to be back to blogging and happy to be collaborating with some amazing creatives. I came across U La La Studio and perfect ceramics via Annalenna's blog and the photo above just made me feel so inspired today. Here's to a new, beautiful and love-filled week!

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