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    Barr is the collaboration between acclaimed chefs Thorsten Schmidt and Rene Redzepi. Located in the beautiful Nordatlantens Brygge (North Atlantic House) in Denmark, Barr is a casual restaurant focused not only on the Nordics, but also on the the traditions found in the regions along the Northern Sea; Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and the British Isles. The restaurant reflects the chefs’ fascination with the region’s food and culture; serving classic dishes and craft beer.

    Snøhetta partnered with the chefs to create the brand and design the interiors for the restaurant, which sits in the former home of the famous Noma restaurant. They decided to maintain the stunning original stone walls and raw beam, creating a juxtaposition of old and new. The bar stretches across the room and the materials picked for the project–wood, leather and wool–evoke the restaurant's Northern influence.

    All the materials were sourced locally; oak was harvested from trees grown less than fifty kilometers from Barr’s doorstep. The restaurant’s furniture was created by Malte Gormsen and the counters are CNC-milled oak.

    It’s clear that Barr is a wonderful and relaxed experience.

    If you are in Denmark, please visit them so we can live vicariously through you:
    Strandgade 93,
    1401 Copenhagen

    Hav det godt!
  • 11/27


    Vipp is better known for their range of home accessories and minimalist kitchen cabinetry but now they are also a reference in the world of comfort and accommodations. Vipp has been developing a collection of meticulously designed spaces through Denmark, where fans and clients of the brand can experience their products and have a unique experience.

    The Vipp Loft is the newest one of all. The apartment was designed by Copenhagen-based architecture firm Studio David Thulstrup, perched at the top of an only printing factory from 1910. The 2-bedroom, 4,000 sf space showcases beautiful exposed beams, natural wood floors–and it’s accented by wonderful pieces of art: Vipp’s products, Tired Man sheepskin armchairs by Flemming Lasson and several pieces by Poul Kjaerholm.


    The place is divided into a mezzanine and a downstairs lounge area. The upstairs is a study and library with a sky bridge that connects to a second secluded bedroom at the peak of the loft space. The space is decorated with Vipp’s first lighting fixtures and furniture, dating back to the 80’s.

    Downstairs, we find the living and dining areas, embellished by the kitchen of everyone’s dreams: A Vipp Kitchen. The steel cabinetry collection is showcased in the Vipp Loft by a long, multifunctional island and open shelving system for displaying the company’s classic housewares.

    Needless to say, we are all waiting to see what their third (and soon to open) Northern Copenhagen Hotel will look like.
  • 09/27

    Giorgos Sfakianakis

    A gastronomic experience that brings the French "je ne sais quoi" and unique Greek energy and flavors together. That’s what Bon Bon Fait Maison has aimed to do in the Kythira Islands—where the Ionia, Aegean and Cretan seas meet.

    The story behind this project takes place in Paris, where the founders of the place are from. They embarked on what seemed to be a run-of-the-mill trip to Greece—only to fall in love with not only the Island but also the gastronomic scene, the paradisiacal scenery and its people.

    Chef, Kriton Minas Poulis, is the brains behind this operation; he embodies the gastronomic philosophy of BON BON Fait Maison—and does it with so much elegance it's hard to believe how laid back the place and its menu can be—including homemade sorbets, French galettes and buckwheat flour crepes (and much more). All made with a beautiful selection of traditional Greek products.

    The Interior Design Laboratorium is responsible for the design identity and the result is an obvious home run.

    Based in a traditional two-story refurbished building from the 1860's, the design evokes the Greek Summer and the slow pace of life in the Greek islands. The intention of the study was to create a space that subconsciously awakened memories of a childhood Summer vacation within their visitors.

    All materials were carefully selected to add to the narrative: from its look to the table, BON BON Fait Maison is truly an emotional and gourmet experience.

  • 08/31

    Photography ©️ Renée Kemps

    Lisbon is one of my favorite places in Western Europe. This charming coastal city is constantly recognized as one of the best cities is the world, probably because it offers the best of two worlds—on one side it is a display of history and tradition and on the other a modern and vibrant nook for those who enjoy the lure of nightlife.

    The enchanting Santa Clara 1728 is an 18th-Century building located in one of the most romantic Lisbon squares. Surrounded by monuments and rivers, this home offers not only serenity and comfort but also a stunning display of architecture and design.

    The building's sense of intimacy is felt through a sensitive interplay of interior and exterior features, while the generous windows frame the unique brilliance of the Lisbon light which spills over the city and can be seen reflected in the river below.

    Staying in this gorgeous place is not an out-of-reach dream. You can reserve your suite via Santa Clara’s website today and start planning your trip.
  • 06/15

    Väkst is a new restaurant by Cofoco - family of Höst also based in Copenhagen. Väkst's gastronomic centre of gravity is Nordic, and the vegetables of the season take priority. The wines are modern, light and European – and the list offers several natural wines. The heart of the restaurant is a large greenhouse, built through the two floors of the space, thereby transporting the guest into the sensation of a lush garden – right inside the city. On the top floor of the restaurant, plants, growths, and leaves thrive in the light from the large windows facing the street of Sankt Peders Stræde. A true Summer paradise.

    Photography: Cofoco
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