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is a blog that focuses on Minimalism and Art – a confluence of simplicity and inspiration. Launched in January 2012, Blog Milk blog covers design and lifestyle with a focus on writing, blogging tips, interiors, fashion, food, photography and music. Over the past months, it has gained praise from notable online publications. The website was developed keeping minimalism and mindfulness in mind, adding focus only to the things that matter and granting white space for user-friendliness purposes.

Blog Milk Website

Peggy Peggy
was named after the Melbourne designer's grandmother, and aims to keep an air of 'old fashioned whimsicality' in its gorgeous designs. The range features dresses, pants, nappy covers and hats - all of which can be mixed and matched for a quirky boho effect. Peggy is stocked in high end children's and lifestyle boutiques. The project focused on a logo re-designed and the creation of shopping bags, tags and tissue paper that were modernized while maintaining Peggy's classic feel.

Peggy Identity

Hand Drawn
all graphics for Blog Milk are made with Minimalism in mind, eliminating all unnecessary elements and focusing only on the things that can speak to and inspire the viewer. While minimalism has been highly popularized for by the use of black and white, I like to show that there's a middle ground that it's just as beautiful and as purpose-filled.

Hand Drawn Graphics

Maisie Ivy
Maisie Ivy
was founded in 2012 by Natalie Hale, a 21-year-old Bristolian living in London. Natalie is a recent Fashion Marketing graduate and currently works as a Marketing Assistant for a new womenswear brand. Maisie Ivy tends to share travel guides, personal style and lots of pieces from Natalie's over-flowing wardrobe. The focus for the website was to create a modern and minimalistic space that spoke about Natalie's timeless style. I played with classic and modern elements to create the perfect site for her.

Maisie Ivy

Jo Franco Jo Franco
Jo Franco
is a talented makeup & hair artist based out of Dallas,TX. Along with his work, he also loves fashion, fitness & quiet evenings. He requested a modern design for his logo and business cards that also introduced a classic feel. I created a black and white logo for him that later evolved into a series of business cards and identity.

Jo Franco

is an online lifestyle shop based out of toronto. With an eye toward minimal design and a hefty dose of humor, Bibelot&Token has curated a swell online destination that brings you some of the most gorgeous home decor, natural skincare, accessories, jewellery, (and more!) anywhere. The focus of this project was to update the shop's logo and bring a more minimal and streamlined look to play with the intrinsic quirkiness of the site. The project progressed and I also created a range of packaging goods for the shop.

Bibelot&Token Identity

Monique Brunel
Monique Brunel
Monique Brunel was born in Sydney, Australia, she began ballet at four years of age and then attended the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. After graduating she worked for the Australian Ballet Company. She then moved to New Zealand where she worked with the Footnote Dance Company. She commissioned me to create her website and portfolio for modeling work and she requested a modern site with a classic touch.

Monique Brunel Website

The Junior
is an online shop and blog based in Sydney, Australia. The children-focused site focuses on enjoying interesting, inspiring finds, playful moments, magic, exploring and adventures. They're passionate about craftsmanship, nature, creativity and design. And love eco friendly, honest materials and quality….and above all else fun! Rather than play the popularity game, they strive to find unique, cheerful, timeless pieces to cherish and make you smile. Sarah commissioned me to create a modern and children-focused layout for her shop and blog that were functional and user-friendly.

The Junior Website


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