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    The Spring fashion trends are a color festival. If you keep up-to-date with fashion shows you might have seen the explosion of exciting colors and material combos that have been presented to the world this 2018. Above are my favorite beauty products, shoes, underwear, jewelry and bags for this wonderful and beautiful season. Click on each item for more.

  • Normann Copenhagen

    Norm Architects have restored and rebuilt a historic villa in Copenhagen after a devastating fire. The story goes that the house used to be inhabited by the renowned Danish architect, designer and cultural critic, Poul Henningsen. Today, a family of three resides in the historic house–a modern home that holds references to its original state–with beautiful high panels, parquet flooring, low, paned windows, teak furniture and–of course–retro PH lamps hanging over the kitchen island.

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  • This beautiful NYC loft-style apartment resembles the stunning character of the lofts located in the meatpacking district... but it is in fact located in Kungshöjd, Sweden–a city filled with winding alleys and streets well worth visiting for a refreshing drink, a coffee or just to enjoy the spectacular views in all directions.

    Fredrik J Karlsson

    Alvhem, in collaboration with the stylist duo of the moment, Sundling Kickén, have decorated this space into a perfect scandinavian-meets-industrial dream–and if you live around the area, you can take a close look, rent or become inspired by it as I have.

    Though, for us who live across the pond, this dream might seem out of reach–but it isn't. You can in fact get this look for your own personal space with just a few additions:

    What do you think?

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  • Ask og Eng is a handmade furniture design studio by Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng. They started designing their own kitchen furniture a few years back, focusing on environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. They're now the genius brains behind a range of beautifully designed pared-back kitchens and furniture.


    The studio was founded in 2016 out of the couple’s need to find beautiful and functional products that were also environmentally responsible, and has rapidly become a reference for Nordic design. Their approach to design is intuitive and takes into consideration the client’s needs and environment. They strip down the design part to get to the essentials, which makes the end product highly appealing and functional.

    It is exciting to see designers comfortable enough to dare to create something unexpected, honest and straightforward... and I cannot wait to see what else these two bring to the table.

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