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  • Golden is an Aussie interior design Studio founded on true sophistication. One that is exceptional and strikingly comfortable.

    What’s not to love about a team which by their own definition is "pedantic about material quality and reveres customization"? I know—they are genius. So much so that picking one project to put under the spotlight was impossible... and not that I didn’t love them all but there are three that tickled my fancy and resonated with me a tad bit more.

    In no particular order:

    Bob Salon
    Located in South Yarra, Melbourne, this minimalists’ dream compliments the salon’s philosophy, based on natural ingredients. A solid reclaimed Ironbark door gives way to a blush of dusty-pink stone left unfinished at its edge. Dusty-pink stone left unfinished gives the design personality—and tan leather recliners an air of luxurious comfort. The final product is a private and cozy minimal space.

    Photograpy ©️ Sean Fennessy

    Sum of Us
    Based in Prahran, Melbourne. A wellness and physiotherapy center like no other. This studio combines yoga, Pilates and an in-house café. Inspired by the concepts of transformation and connection. This project embraces the Victorian surroundings and details, bringing in a connection to natural light rather than blocking it. The touches of indigo blue in this neutral space flow without appearing displaced.

    Photograpy ©️ Sharyn Cairns

    The Penthouse Residential
    Located in Hampton, Melbourne. The home is a display of true sea-side glamour. A moody color palette and statement pieces make this a work of art. Materials like natural stone, burnished metals, and dark stained timber offer sophistication and texture. This home has a soul of its own, wrapped in elegance and distinction.

    Photograpy ©️ Brooke Holm

    How not to fall absurdly in love with such craftsmanship and on-point creations? All I need now is a cup of warm tea . . . and for you to tell me which one you love the most—if you can decide, that is.

  • Photography ©️ Georgia Ruby

    When it comes to food, I’m almost always on the savory side. Breakfasts for us at home are all about flavor. One of my favorite combinations is a nourish bowl of scrambled eggs, curried quinoa, sauté spinach, avocado, roasted zucchini and some type of pickled veg or kimchi for gut health.

    Sadly, I haven’t been able to eat like that these days—but nothing stops a true breakfast lover from tackling a scrumptious recipe once in a while, don’t you think?

    As you may already know (and if you don’t you’re about to find out) my love for zucchinis borders obsession. Really. I’ll try not to fan-girl this time around because last time I posted about them I nearly wrote a poem about how much they mean in my life. Also, I’ve noticed their recurrent appearances on my social media.. and I do not need to give people more reasons to think I’m an isolated nerd.

    My point is, eating well is so simple. Only if we had a plethora of recipes at our fingertips, right? Oh, but we do! My latest devoured and approved recipe: Gluten Free Zucchini, Herbed Ricotta and Caper Tart by George Eats was (how can I put it without being over the top?) sumptuous, majestic… glorious. I tried.

    What it was is something you need to make and try at least once. That’s what it is.

    What I LOVED the most about this tart is the use of tapioca flour in the dough. Not only because I live in the land of tapioca but also because it gives the dough a very nice texture. The addition of that little bit of grated parmesan Georgia recommends makes the shell golden brown and oh-so-flavorful.

    Now, don’t get me started on the filling—because I cannot… Just to mention a few of the ingredients: capers, dill and of course zucchini. What else can we ask heaven for?

    Nothing I think.

    Photography ©️ Ana Stanciu

    For the next chapter of my very enthusiastic food posts, I will try a recipe by Ana (lovely name) from The Awesome Green. She has Millet Chocolate Energy Bars in her mouth watering archives that I need to put to test—and if by looking at those pictures you too don’t feel like giving those a try, I cannot help you.

    P.S. Any zucchini-related recipes are more than welcome. Feel free to drop a line.

  • Photography ©️ Ariel Huber

    This beautiful sea-facing apartment, located in Mumbai, is the brainchild of Case Design. The partnership between this fantastic team and the owner resulted in a relaxing-yet-character-filled home that’s deserving of an award for their majestic use of locally-sourced materials and products.

    Case Design focused on making this home speak of the surrounding culture, affording peace and respite in a chaotic city—bringing in texture, recycled Burma tweak, local marble, Makrana tiles and a stunning collection of objects designed by them with natural materials.

    The Rolling Round Light makes an appearance on the bedside table and it’s just as functional as it is a piece of art. The round table lamp relies on its carefully calibrated center of gravity to delicately balance and find rest. A gentle nudge sets it in slow motion to roll, sway and eventually return to its original position.

    What a stunner this entire project is, a true oasis of inspiration for the minimalists who appreciate color and craftsmanship. Don't you think?
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