• Trend: Jotun's 2018 Wall Color Chart



    Photography © Line Klein

    Jotun has quickly become a leader in Decorative Paints and Performance Coatings around the world. Though the company has been established for a long time in Norway and neighboring countries, they expanded throughout the world at the start of the millennium.

    The famous brand has recently launched the new Lady Color Chart for 2018 entitled 'Rhythm of Life', making reference to a home’s own soul. The collection besets three different color schemes: Silent Serenity, City Motions and Lush Garden. Making a total of 32 stunning matte and luxurious shades inclusive of everyone’s personal style and needs.

    From the flawless collection, Lush Garden stands out for me as a favorite. Reflecting my own desire to connect with nature whilst residing in the concrete jungle—The palette recalls the nuance of the outdoors with colors like 'Evening Green', 'Golden Bronze' and my top #1 'Laurel'.

    Have you chosen your favorite color for 2018?
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