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    One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to minimalism is that a minimal style and a mindful life automatically tie in together. It isn't necessarily like that... and believing that is a tad naive. I know a lot of people who are put off by the idea of minimalism because they see it as an excuse or a hypocritical form of consumerism.

    Let’s all be clear in that minimalism, YES, is a way of life–maybe even a socioeconomic response–but it’s also a STYLE; and while both things can merge and create a life of simplicity and frugality, we shouldn't impose that vision on anyone. Like anything else, it's a personal choice.

    The simplicity movement/stripped down interiors became a trend (as I mention it in this post) in response to previous movements, like the ones of the 70's and 80's that were visually impactful and often visually polluting. Everyone who took on the movement of "less is more" has done it according to their own beliefs and their own limitations.

    Innovation is also part of what minimalism is. There are a plethora of ground-breaking work that has sprung from its evolution. Those who want to embrace every facet of minimalism should do it without having to dodge the angry remarks of people who dismiss it–and those who want to make it just about "stuff" can.

    Minimalism can be as prudent or as lavishing as anything can be–and there are no rights or wrongs.

    Oscar Engelbert, CEO & Founder of Oscar Properties, created his Architecture and Design Firm with the intention of developing modern homes that could blend the history of each building, visually-impacting modern design and the understanding of how people want to live. That’s why he’s focused on old and new buildings equally, making his primary concern to create strong and unique housing concepts, where architecture and design are important elements. Something that, in his opinion, goes a step beyond ordinary simplicity.

    NYBROGATAN 19 is one of the firm's newest projects. The converted farmhouse is now two penthouse apartments that offer a series of accommodation. The focus for this project was to evoke "a feeling of peace" in each apartment, regardless of the size or price. The free flow concept allowed the firm to give all their attention to perfecting finishings (grey marble, light parquet floors, fully integrated appliances, etc), generous hidden storage and a harmonious and contemporary living quarter.

    This project concludes one thing–and that is the premise of minimalism not being vague. It’s, in fact, something that can accommodate everything and everyone. Minimalism is a realm of things. It's style. It's a way of living. It's simplicity... whenever, wherever and however we choose it to be.
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