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    I have an innate inability to make myself feel uncomfortable in the name of fashion. It’s something that was probably built into me from the womb. There’s not a single picture of me as a baby OR a toddler all dolled up–and I clearly recall feeling itchy at the mere suggestion that I should put on a ruffled dress or pair of tights for dinner out when I was a kid.

    My mother... the badass! She had to raise me at a time when fashion for girls was either full-on “toilet paper doll cover” (remember those?) or being often referred to as a boy-which I was (ALL the time) but I couldn’t care less; playing on the floor while wearing a yard of taffeta wasn’t even a question.

    My go-to outfit: A long (often batman) t-shirt, shorts and tevas. Yes. Tevas.

    The fashion industry has become more inclusive when it comes to kid’s clothes and I believe we owe that to the small-independent designers and studios, pushing the envelope and allowing our kids to be themselves–creating fashion that is not only comfortable but that they can identify with, no matter what their style or needs are.

    Rylee + Cru does just that: it’s fun, encouraging, ludic and practical. It’s real, fuss-free clothing that kids approve of–and their newest collection guarantees a lot more moments of play for our little ones... which translate into a whole lot more memories made for all of us.

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