• Warm Minimalism With A View



    Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

    An hour north of Oslo, located on a majestic hillside facing the Norwegian woods and Mjøsa lake, lies the Gjøvik house; a modern and minimal cluster house created by Norm Architects.

    The house is built from 6 cubes, overlapping each other in plan and section. The Gjøvik House shows exactly what Norm Architects’ foundation of elegance and minimalism is about—bringing in a sense of minimalism and warmness at the same time by connecting every room seamlessly and allowing each room privacy and character.

    This carefully-planned project resulted in the stunning modern communion of man and nature.

    Most pieces in this home are built-in / custom made. That, combined with their choice of concrete, texture and materials, creates a feel of calmness and belonging throughout the space. Not to mention the lake-fronting facade blends in with the interiors, making this one more masterpiece in the pocket of lead architect, Linda Korndal.

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