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    Statement earrings can be a scary thing when you're a minimalist. To be honest, jewelry, in general, has always been tricky for me—even when I wasn't going through the less-is-more kick. I happen to have the scrawniest wrists and the tiniest ears (which I weirdly, often get complimented on) so it's no surprise that anything dangling from my ears or wrapped around my wrists can make me feel uncomfortable... and yes, I admit it... self-conscious.

    In all earnestness, mixing minimalism with something that can be seen as an excess might seem contradictory. However, the minimalism world is constantly evolving as more artists and more people adapt their lives and work to appreciate everything void of excess. That’s why things like a statement earring have taken a new shape and a new purpose. Ranging from abstract shapes to the update of my favorite—the classic stud. Creating a new trend of, quiet statement jewelry.

    Below you can see my picks from online jewelry haven—Faris.

    FARIS is a jewelry line that distills complexity into a wearable statement. Designed by Faris Du Graf in Seattle, Washington, FARIS celebrates the space between the levity of play and the gravity of embodiment. Each collection builds on a vocabulary of bold, sculptural statements that aims to elevate the everyday and the rare occasion. At the heart of her work is the sincere desire to imbue wearers with artfulness and audacity.
    It's a proven fact that a simple piece of jewelry can change your entire look... and what better season to play around with materials and shapes than this party-clustered, Holiday Season? That's why (drum roll, please) YOU get the chance to win a pair of the Drape Earrings in small.

    How to participate? Simply leave a comment below (with your email) telling me how you'd pair this piece. The winner will be announced via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The contest closes Thursday, December 15th 2017 (also know as my birthday!) at 11:00am.

    1. Drape Earrings
    2. Balance Ladyday Earring
    3. Cap Earring in Right
    4. Linelashes in Bronze
    5. Sina Sway Earring in Bronze

    Good luck!

  • Apiece Apart

    Mamie Gummer is an actress known for movies like The Guard, Side Effects and television shows like Emily Owens M.D–which is how I first found out about her. Mamie also happens to be Meryl Streep and Don Gummer’s daughter. She is a true New Yorker and very talented at what she does.

    Mamie was recently interviewed by Leigh Patterson for Apiece Apart Woman–An online store planned and nurtured by Laura Crammer and Starr Host. The team has turned the shop into an inspirational haven.

    Apiece Apart has–in recent years–brought a network of talented, clever and self-starting women through their series, revealing the versatility of women and their creative selves. We’re talking about beautiful and empowered women, like Mamie herself, Kim Gordon, Emily L’Ami, Eugénie Frerichs and more.

    Read their interviews or buy their stunning products via Apiece Apart.

    Apiece Apart

    Get The Look:
    Fit Flare Flame Thrower Jumpsuit • Apiece Apart • $395
    Nova Balloon Sleeve Top in Navy • Apiece Apart • $275
    Las Islas Cotton Jumpsuit • Apiece Apart • $231
    Quasar Swing Crochet in Cream w/Black Tipping, X-Small • Apiece Apart • $450
    Side-tie cotton and cashmere-blend cardigan • Apiece Apart • $362
    Fit Flare Post Ranch Pant • Apiece Apart • $395
    Chan Chan fringed jacket • Apiece Apart • $150
    Big Sur Soft Wool Blazer • Apiece Apart • $455

  • Last year around this time I wrote a post entitled "How To Cure A Minimalist Wardrobe". There I talk about purging a closet and the mindful exercise of learning to make sensible choices when it comes to fashion.

    What I didn’t talk about there was the minimalistic qualities of couture and why I think it makes a difference in how people perceive fashion. I know, I know… to each their own but hear me out for a bit. Minimalism has slipped its way into every realm of the fashion world because it just makes sense.

    Like everything that is created using minimalism and mindfulness as stepping stones, minimalist fashion focuses on functionality, quality and pays attention to the details. It’s honest and it’s developed from sketch to the end piece with the utmost of respect for the materials, the craft and the person who will wear it.

    That is the same approach that Australian power duo, Sara Donaldson and Georgia Martin took when creating The Undone—A unique online shopping destination, distinctly concerned with quality and aesthetics. The focus is on wardrobe essentials. In pieces that are not mere "basic" but which also engage women with a sophisticated, functional and unique fashion experience.

    They have a high standard for service and offer a small yet stunning selection of designers.

    From their website, their carefully curated images, down to their beautiful packaging, The Undone is a safe place for minimalists to invest. Below are 6 of my favorite.

    Click on each image for more

    Rachel Comey Spark Top ATP Atelier Dina Flat Sandal Rachel Comey All Wicker Baan Ba UNCONDITIONAL MAGAZINE Maison D'Amore Feuille De Tebac Matteau Square Maillot

  • More Options

    Urban Outfitters
    Urban Outfitters

    I’m trying to find a subtle way to express my love for the minimal greatness that are the outfits above. Where do I start? It’s not only that they are absolutely effortless and highly appropriate for this ever-sunny weather but it’s also that they have this innate attitude in them. Think about it. If these outfits were a person they'd be, let’s say, Katherine Hepburn: feisty and beautiful.

    I’ve always admired people who look like they’re at peace with their clothes and that’s always what I aim to feel like myself. It’s clear when we’re not ourselves in them, even the tiniest fidgeting gives us away.

    That’s why I find it quite refreshing how we become simpler and more appreciative of “less is more” as we grow older—or at least that is the case for me. I don’t think I ever painted my face with makeup or overdid my hair since I got to my 20’s. If anything, I’ve become more appreciative of things which before I saw as unfashionable or uncool… Can you tell?

    I do not know and do not understand why do we do that to ourselves—why we relentlessly put makeup on to “look” more beautiful, why do we overdo it with clothes to look more “put together”—Shouldn’t we instead "be" beautiful and shouldn’t we wear clothes that make us feel comfortable with ourselves and not look like someone else? Well, that’s my two cents.

    What I’m trying to say here is, man! How I wish I had these in my closet. I could wear those open-front blouses and high-waisted trousers religiously... and I have the feeling that many of you would too. As if we needed one more reason to want them, the ones above are made out of 100% raw silk.

    So is this vintage-inspired trend a yes or a no for you?

  • Adidas' newest collaboration is making every minimalist's heart throb. In the company of Tokyo-based brand Hender Scheme, Adidas pays homage to iconic sneaker silhouettes and makes history by collaborating with another footwear brand for the first time.

    The shoes show a lot of the intrinsic personality of Hender Scheme and the origins of Adidas. Not to mention the shoes are manually produced in tanned leather with the absolute mastery of Ryo Kashiwazaki—an innate designer and founding father of the brand.

    The luxurious re-inventions of the classic MicroPacer, NMD R1 and Superstar are wearable works of art.

  • Photography ©️ Damoy

    Damoy is a multi-brand boutique based in Antwerp, Belgium. Their carefully curated showroom includes a small but wonderful array of Designers.

    The stunning boutique is soon launching a label called "La Collection"—a minimal, effortless and eclectic brand that has a high-end approach in mind. The sneak peaks on social media have created high expectations for this brand... and I’m sure they won’t be disappoint.

    La Collection’s first try is shaping out to be a hit, with pieces that take us on a journey through the magical streets of Morocco while bringing comfort and style.

    From the headquarters to each individual piece they offer, Damoy pays close attention to detail—and we are sure to see them surface as a favorite of many, including myself.
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