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    Photography © Anders Bergsted Anna Kubel and Nathalie Schwer The Poster Club is a Copenhagen-based online store, offering a unique handpicked selection of posters and art prints from both upcoming and established artists - local as well as international. The shop delivers internationally and it’s perfectly curated and filled with the best and most-wonderful Scandinavian-inspired pieces of art.

    The thought of those Randi Vesterbæk Bro’s pieces makes me want to base my entire home interiors on them... and don’t get me started on the ethereal and inspirational Fairytale pieces by Landstedt/Bååth. Truly every piece in the shop is pure perfection. Thomas can do no wrong and you can see the passion and care involved in all this.

    As you can see, the shop includes all the greats: Playtime, Silke Bonde, Atelier CPH, Kristina Krogh and a list so packed of geniuses that I fully doubt you’ll lurk and dash. Get ready to be immersed in the world of printed art you’ve always dreamed of.

    For more of The Poster Club, visit Thomas’ Blog and Follow via Facebook Instagram or Pinterest. I’m already a fan.

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