• Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon


    Photography ©️ Renée Kemps

    Lisbon is one of my favorite places in Western Europe. This charming coastal city is constantly recognized as one of the best cities is the world, probably because it offers the best of two worlds—on one side it is a display of history and tradition and on the other a modern and vibrant nook for those who enjoy the lure of nightlife.

    The enchanting Santa Clara 1728 is an 18th-Century building located in one of the most romantic Lisbon squares. Surrounded by monuments and rivers, this home offers not only serenity and comfort but also a stunning display of architecture and design.

    The building's sense of intimacy is felt through a sensitive interplay of interior and exterior features, while the generous windows frame the unique brilliance of the Lisbon light which spills over the city and can be seen reflected in the river below.

    Staying in this gorgeous place is not an out-of-reach dream. You can reserve your suite via Santa Clara’s website today and start planning your trip.
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