• Home Inspiration From Mumbai


    Photography ©️ Ariel Huber

    This beautiful sea-facing apartment, located in Mumbai, is the brainchild of Case Design. The partnership between this fantastic team and the owner resulted in a relaxing-yet-character-filled home that’s deserving of an award for their majestic use of locally-sourced materials and products.

    Case Design focused on making this home speak of the surrounding culture, affording peace and respite in a chaotic city—bringing in texture, recycled Burma tweak, local marble, Makrana tiles and a stunning collection of objects designed by them with natural materials.

    The Rolling Round Light makes an appearance on the bedside table and it’s just as functional as it is a piece of art. The round table lamp relies on its carefully calibrated center of gravity to delicately balance and find rest. A gentle nudge sets it in slow motion to roll, sway and eventually return to its original position.

    What a stunner this entire project is, a true oasis of inspiration for the minimalists who appreciate color and craftsmanship. Don't you think?
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