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    I don’t remember too much about my early years, but something I think about a lot – especially recently – is what it was from my childhood that made me so daring and so determined. It might be a side effect of feeling that over the years I’ve become less and less the daredevil protagonist of my life and that I’ve fallen into the back seat, taking the place of a spectator.

    Maybe it’s a natural process in life to become more fearful and less fearless... or maybe it’s that I’ve gone through an unfortunate series of adverse events in the past couple of years – but recently, I’ve felt as if life has slammed shut on me like an indecipherable book.

    For the first half of 2018, I’ve been listening to a little voice in my head telling me, “2018 was supposed to be the year… this isn’t supposed to be happening…” – driving me to my next panic attack and making me race through my days in desperation. No, there haven’t been any quiet mornings with a teacup in hand. Instead, my rude inner clock has punched me in the gut and propelled me out of bed through sheer anxiety.

    I’ve reminded myself in an equally rude way, every single morning, that this is not how I’M supposed to react, that feeling this way and running the gauntlet of every emotion wasn’t like me. What about everything else I believed in? What about optimism, faith, mindfulness, relentlessness… what about all that? I dismissed my thoughts as quick as I could, jumping with both feet into my work and ridding myself of them in a fluster – like swatting mosquitoes flying overhead… until something forced me to truly put everything in my life into perspective. A new one that is.

    The reality is that I haven’t by any means been taking care of myself. I have ignored all of the tell-tale signs that I’m not in good health and the lessons learned... and gone back to being a taciturn lady – ready to die from fatigue. My endorphin-underloaded brain wanted to trick me into staying in that same old, comfortable, even butt-marked cushion on my office chair – but a familiar voice reminded me of something. And that is that character is more important than skill.

    My true self wouldn’t let the things I do be a power struggle. I wouldn’t hold on to things for the sake of it… and I wouldn’t refuse change, to be molded and to be humbled.

    So what does this all mean? As I take the driver’s seat again, for me it means closing some old chapters – one in specific: Taking Blog Milk Shop down and going back to my roots. Going back to working independently and putting myself somewhere at the top of my priorities each day.

    I’m not going to lie. The thought of saying goodbye to something I created with such dedication, felt like folding up the proverbial tent and moving on to an unknown place before I was knocked down for good... but the further I’ve moved on from that comfortable place, the more I realize how I’m allowing myself the chance to experience that old fearless attitude in me. And for that, I’m grateful.

    What’s new here, anyway? Everything!

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    February - June 2018

    Art Direction
    Brand Identity

    A step back from the traditional minimalistic hard lines and an invitation of my physical environment into my online presence, focusing on seaside nature with earthy and warm sub-tones.

    ANAAR came into being from the conjunction of my first and last name, but is also derived from the farsi name "Anar", which means "light and radiance".  The studio is located on the Brazilian North-East coast and at its core exists to create and co-create in line with minimalist and mindfulness practices.

    The personal-approach design serves as an invitation to the senses.  Rich, textured and sultry imagery combine to create a brand focused on offering a particular taste and experience – unique to that of the author.

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