• 11/02

    In the ever-evolving realm of design, striking the perfect balance between tradition and innovation can be quite an endeavor. Nevertheless, New Works, a groundbreaking design company, has truly mastered the art of crafting pieces that eloquently bridge the gap between the past and the present, light and shadow, design and art. Their unique approach pays homage to the rich history of Scandinavian craftsmanship and materials while embracing contemporary shapes. I once had the pleasure of immersing myself in the captivating world of New Works, and what I discovered was a harmonious fusion of their collaborations with celebrated designers and artists, resulting in inspiring creations that celebrate both the sensual and the bold.

    New Works' philosophy is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian tradition of craftsmanship and a deep reverence for authentic, tactile materials. This profound connection to their heritage permeates every work they create. By honoring their roots, New Works rejuvenates classical design principles with a modern twist, striking a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, all while respecting their design lineage.

    One of the most enchanting aspects of New Works lies in their unwavering commitment to partnering with a diverse group of esteemed designers and artists from around the world. These individuals share New Works' passion for sculptural forms and the use of genuine materials. Together, they embark on creative journeys that give rise to designs that are not only visually arresting but also emotionally resonant.

    The collaboration between New Works and these talented artists and designers breathes life into a broad spectrum of pieces that challenge the norms of conventional design. By consistently pushing the boundaries of what's achievable, New Works continues to redefine the limits of creativity, crafting pieces that captivate the senses.
  • 08/02

    Functionality, quality and aesthetics. These are the main principles of Studio Joanna Laajisto's designs. Be it interiors, products or services, the agency's philosophy is to create beautiful, long-lasting and meaningful design that stem from sustainable values and the understanding of human behavior.

    Cafe Coutume is the studio's latest project. A minimalist cafe located in Paris, France. High ceilings, warm walls and the introduction of simple-yet-timeless pieces of furniture makes this a soft-minimal haven. Laajisto's Airisto stools and benches, Saku Sysiö's Laakso dining chairs and a large gold rug draped across the wall show the studio’s mastery of mindfulness and minimalism principles.

    The spirit and subtleness of Joanna and her team is strikingly clear across all of her projects. The proof is in the projects below:

    Pink walls, anyone?

    Ph. Studio Joanna Laajisto
  • 01/14

    Maison Hand
    Stéphane Garotin and Pierre Emmanuel Martin met while in Morocco. Shortly after, they founded Maison Hand after realizing they had much more than their love for travel in common–They are both passionate about interior decoration and share a taste for a beautifully curated lifestyle, a passion for the "hand-made" and spaces with true authenticity.

    Travel, of course, is what helps bring out that authentic flare they so much praise... and how they’ve been able to successfully mix styles, origins and eras into their work. There is Japan with its elegance and architecture, Thailand and Burma with their flavors and refinement, Africa for its art, rawness and power, Brazil with its abundant nature, Puglia for its harmony of colors. Camera slung over shoulder, these globetrotters traverse the world, getting lost in magical craft-market alleys and survey museums, hunting for hidden treasures, being immersed in new materials and thinking about how to incorporate everything into the modern-western home.

    Their work is unsurprisingly always successful, being showcased in famous publications... and making us travel vicariously through their stunning and inspiring projects.
  • 09/26

    Photography via Pierre Yovanovitch

    cA sense of sobriety, elegance and uniqueness characterizes Pierre Yovanovitch’s work—since 2001. The French Studio stands out for their refined architectural style. The ultimate perfectionist, Pierre Yovanovitch, approaches each project as a work of art.

    Their international debut takes place in the United States under the name "Oops". The installation includes Pierre’s personal creations. The whimsically titled pieces like 'Woody'—A walnut-framed, low and boxy chair named after Woody Allen, the Designer’s signature chair 'Bear Armchairs' in papa, mama and baby sizes give away the prolific imagination of designer, Pierre.

    My personal favorites are those stunning Marsha lamps which I can only deem as 'superb'.

    You can find the presentation in the R & Company gallery running through October 26th, 2017.

  • 09/20

    Golden is an Aussie interior design Studio founded on true sophistication. One that is exceptional and strikingly comfortable.

    What’s not to love about a team which by their own definition is "pedantic about material quality and reveres customization"? I know—they are genius. So much so that picking one project to put under the spotlight was impossible... and not that I didn’t love them all but there are three that tickled my fancy and resonated with me a tad bit more.

    In no particular order:

    Bob Salon

    Located in South Yarra, Melbourne, this minimalists’ dream compliments the salon’s philosophy, based on natural ingredients. A solid reclaimed Ironbark door gives way to a blush of dusty-pink stone left unfinished at its edge. Dusty-pink stone left unfinished gives the design personality—and tan leather recliners an air of luxurious comfort. The final product is a private and cozy minimal space.

    Photograpy ©️ Sean Fennessy

    Sum of Us

    Based in Prahran, Melbourne. A wellness and physiotherapy center like no other. This studio combines yoga, Pilates and an in-house café. Inspired by the concepts of transformation and connection. This project embraces the Victorian surroundings and details, bringing in a connection to natural light rather than blocking it. The touches of indigo blue in this neutral space flow without appearing displaced.

    Photograpy ©️ Sharyn Cairns

    The Penthouse Residential

    Located in Hampton, Melbourne. The home is a display of true sea-side glamour. A moody color palette and statement pieces make this a work of art. Materials like natural stone, burnished metals, and dark stained timber offer sophistication and texture. This home has a soul of its own, wrapped in elegance and distinction.

    Photograpy ©️ Brooke Holm

    How not to fall absurdly in love with such craftsmanship and on-point creations? All I need now is a cup of warm tea . . . and for you to tell me which one you love the most—if you can decide, that is.

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