• 07/19

    Ribbed Knit Dress Black
    Plated Hoop Earrings
    Saint Laurent Sunglasses
    Tortuga Linen Black Shirt
    Izzy Green Shoulder Bag

    No, you didn’t read it wrong. I put "melancholic" and "holiday" in the same title. Let me tell you why: Here in our neck of the woods, beachgoers suffered a significant beach withdrawal, which seemed to have no end during the pandemic; and those who had always just taken it for granted started regretting not having taken advantage of ocean life more often. So when they magnanimously freed us, we and our pets flocked to the beaches, which smacked of a cautionary tale for a new variant... so as a mostly responsible, post-pandemic being, I decided to continue not to partake in the beach festivities—until one day we decided to take a day trip to a beach 2 hours away from home to satisfy our desire to splash about in the warm ocean water. It happened to be a very quiet, secluded beach... and as we reached our destination, we realized it had gone from a very sunny, blue-skied day to drab and overcast.

    Long story short, it didn’t rain that day but it remained moody.

    We took a stroll down the quietest stretch of beach I’ve been to in years; the air was chilly and it felt incredible. We ended up staying the night at a petit hotel owned by a French man who exalts privacy and peace to the point of not welcoming children... while admitting pets. That day is fixed in my mind as a beautiful memory of a short-lived, moody holiday.

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  • 07/11

    Google Nest
    Hay Marble Jug
    Nera Console Table
    Pao Portable Lamp
    Sphere Vase
    Keeping with the color theme of late … remember when I wrote about timeless-affable beige and explained how I love it paired with earthy colors and raw textures? Well, let me tell you that while I do love the combination—and I mostly think they go perfectly well together because I love nature and all it has to offer—beige with touches of black might just be my favorite combination for now (right this very second). I know I've already told you about how lovely beige is — but really, isn't it so elegant-yet-not-stuffy coupled with with a hint of black? I think so.

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  • 07/09

    Cotton Duvet Set Blue
    Painted Ceramic Bowl Blue
    Terracotta Vase Blue
    Beach Towel Blue
    Blue Bathrobe
    As a human being who's lived on this blue marble for over 35 years, I've long been obsessed with the color blue. You should see the number of skyline and seascape images stored on my camera roll. On second thought... maybe you shouldn't. But trust me, there are way too many. Yet, I happen to be very particular when it comes to man-made hues of blue – gravitating towards either soft muted blues or very rich cobalt blues, like the ones above.

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  • 07/01

    Shirt Dress
    Black Swimsuit
    Braided Slides
    Black Dress
    Waffle Towel
    The word 'summer' almost has a whole other meaning when you live in the tropics of Brazil. Although its typically hot and balmy, there’s a different sort of feeling in the warm(er) season. A true sensory experience if you will: slipping your toes into your worn-out havaianas feels different – it’s like even your toes know its exciting outside. I swear, you can even hear the sea louder and the breeze is saltier and more coconutty; days seem carefree but nostalgic at the same time. It’s almost as if you’ve been thrust into a song written by Tom Jobim. Summer becomes a verb when you are in Brazil... and I call that magical.

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