• 05/31

    There are four things in this life that will change you. Love, music, art and loss. The first three will keep you wild and full of passion. May you allow the last to make you brave. —Erin Van Vuren

  • 01/03

    2016 was not what I expected it to be. It was in fact one of the worst years of my life but somehow it all turned out well. I feel very excited about this new year and I also feel deeply grateful for the resilience and the inner strength that last year helped me build.

    Last year I went from losing my father to being able to finish up my book which I cannot even start to explain how hard and transforming it was all at the same time. I launched a theme collection, worked on some projects with a lot of success and on some others that turned into utter failure, but that’s life in the end, isn’t it? A continued falling and dusting off.

    I’m looking to 2017 with the same expectation I did last year, fully knowing in my heart that this is going to be a better year — that I will keep striving, pushing through bad moments and embracing the good times with an open heart.

    There’s so much I want to do this year, one step at a time of course, but the road ahead is always very exciting: New projects are in-the-making and new people I’m collaborating with this year who keep me feeling inspired, a new collection is almost finished and my book is being read and commented on by many Bloggers — which means the world to me.

    I cannot thank YOU enough for all your support, your kindness and the honor of having you as clients, partners and most importantly, friends.

    The collection above sets the tone for what you’re about to see in this quarter. I hope you'll join me and take small steps until the unveiling of my new projects. You will also see more of me on social media... so if you’re interested in taking a peek into my life and work, feel free to follow.

    Have a wonderful, blessed and peaceful 2017.

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  • 07/11

    I've been struggling with anxiety attacks lately, I guess it's partly because of my dad's recent loss and another tiny part might be because life has been getting quiet hard for almost everyone in Brazil. Last week I had an episode while I was sleeping - that has never happened to me and it scared me to no end. I dreamed that I was crying about my dad and couldn't wake myself up, once I could open my eyes and feel sort-of awake, I realized I was physically crying and gasping for air. That moment made me realize that I need to get back on my feet, emotionally, mentally and every way possible... I need some time to be able to be patient with myself and regain the focus that lost from the time that my dad got ill until he passed away.

    As you know, I'm in the homestretch of writing my book and I've now understood that practical things that I used be able to finish within seconds are taking me much longer because my heart is still very heavy and my enviroment is less than helping me through the healing process. So, I've decided to give myself a week off blogging while I focus on finishing up my book for you and so that I can complete projects with clients and sponsors and be able to give myself 100% to the people that are putting their trust in my even through these difficult times.

    I can't thank you enough for always cheering me up and making my day with your kind comments and messages. I'll see come back next week, hopefully with better news.

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  • 04/18

    Lately, I've found myself pondering upon moments of darkness. Although we don't ask for them and we'd rather not touch them with a ten-foot pole - Those moments are key to our personal grow. Discomfort is a normal part of life and things fall apart in someone's life every day. Darkness teaches us more than we see, specially the size of the fight in each one of us, it makes us stronger and more aware of those around us and ourselves. These images reminded me of that and you might call it compelling or morbid but I feel like celebrating it today.

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  • 01/07

    I'm absolutely loving this season of the year, though a lot of crazy things have happened so far, personally it's a season of growth and a season where I search for inspiration everywhere. One of my favorite parts of January is starting and that's when I begin sketching, designing and planning to make new collections, shop upgrades and home projects. I don't have a lot of space for implementing most of them right now but I'll give myself the right to dream. This year I want to give my little apartment some color, I think I need and deserve it. I also want to get some more nature into my home and chop my locks a bit more. Simple, I know. Please, close your fingers for me so that all my projects go well. Love your way.
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  • 12/17

    Photography © Unknown After dealing with one more computer breakdown I finally managed to install most of my Design programs onto my laptop and I'm now back and eager to work work work - *rubs her hands together. Browsing for inspiration, I just stumbled upon Artilleriet's Blog and it slapped me across the face with brilliantness. I'm absolutely loving the muted tones and textures in this images. I'm a big believer that everyone should experience linen in their lives before they reach 30 and because of that overly-enthusiastic and random fact, these photos are now in my mental mood board, giving me all the inspiration I need before 2016, which I think, judging by all the wonderful work people are doing, will be a great year.
  • 11/09

    Hello, everyone! How are you? It's Monday again, the day I'm the most empowered while none else is. I've started to work on a new project for the shop and I was in need of inspiration, clearly, I resorted to creating a collection. I've been loving those rosey and blue undertones today. What have you been loving lately? xx
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  • 09/28

    Photography © The Dreslyn A review of Shaina Mote’s clean pared down collections wouldn’t typically be associated with a youthful designer, but once you’ve met the woman herself it all makes sense. Mote’s kind and humble demeanor speaks back to the gracefulness shown through each season, saying volumes about how she exceeds her years through the skill in her craft . . .
  • 03/30

    Photography © Unknown The image above has completely hypnotized me today, what a stunning portrait. The feeling, the colors and the pose have somehow inspired my day as well as that beautiful quote, reminding me to take care of myself and encouraging me to retake my yoga sessions today. Life, as usual has been incredibly busy and as always, I'm loving it. People no matter who, are such an encouragement and inspiration in my life and I happen to be working for some Artists that are so special that almost seem unreal. I'm overwhelmed and grateful.

    How are you?
  • 01/02

    2015 is here and I for one couldn't be happier. Ringing in the New Year was one of my 2014 highlights, I had been waiting for the chance to wish 2014 farewell for the last 5 months of the year. Don't get me wrong, 2014 was great but I had started it with no set goals and expectations so this time around I've written down my resolutions and I look forward to every second of it. I look forward to being present in every moment, to taking things slowly and to spend a year of love and self-awareness. Happy New Year to all!
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