• 10/25

    Photography © Heidi Lerkenfeldt Heidi Lerkenfeldt’s pictures are known for their raw beauty, minimalistic composition and raw style. Her wonderful collaborations and her talented eye has propelled Heidi to becoming one of Minimalists' most favorite Photographers and we've repinned a gazillion of her images for clients such as Elle Decor, Ferm, Magasin and others equally as brilliant.

    Whatever Heidi decides to do, it's always a treat to see.
  • 05/17

    Photography © Ryan Romanes I've spent several sleepless nights these days, which on the positive side helps me find great Artists, Projects and Shops that tickle my curiosity. Last night, I found Ryan Romanes a New Zealand-born graphic designer and art director now living in Melbourne, Australia. Ryan was asked to create a series of enticing imagery for Blue Baths to promote their in-house and new out-catering services. Enticing, yes. Scrumptious, too.
  • 04/22

    Photography © Dan HockingDan Hocking is a renowned Australian Artist and Photographer based in Melbourne. His architectural photography skills are astonishing and his landscape work inspiring. Dan's minimal aesthetics come through his photos and the ones above are just a small proof of his talents. See more of Dan's work via his equally as impressive website.
  • 01/15

    Photography © Pia Ulin I fell in love with this place photographed by the talented and renowned Pia Ulin as soon as I saw it. If I could have put in images what I meant last week about giving my home a bit more color and introducing more natural items, this would be the "natural items" part. I believe whoever lives there is happy, centered and at peace, or so I think I would.
  • 12/09

    Photography © Skarp Agent I've been currently loving (rather obsessing over) a show narrated by the unapologetic and always interesting, Anthony Bourdain and very often replicating some of the mind-blowing yet, simple recipes I see on the show. The Mind of a Chef is that rare and beautiful thing: an intelligent show about cooking. The show follows two great culinary figures from their home kitchens to destinations around the globe in search of ingredients, inspiration and the perfect meal. It is impossible, and I assure you of that, to watch this show and not end up feeling highly passionate about the simplest of produce. Roland Persson's photos reminded me of that feeling of respect and love for food. His spectacular use of colors and light is breath-taking. Don't you think?
  • 04/21

    Photography © Junpei Kato How brilliant is this collaboration between one of my favorite clothing stores, COS and the amazing Japanese Photographer, Junpei Kato The perfect balance of both worlds and mix of Japanese style and the classic feel of COS' still photography has turned this project into a work of art. I'm particularly in love with that first image, admiring the work of passionate people makes my day and so this has. What are you loving today?
  • 01/20

    Photography © Andrea Gntl "Andrea Gentl and Martin Hyers of Gentl and Hyers met while studying photography at Parson’s School of Design and have been working together since 1993 photographing still life, food, beauty, fashion, interiors and travel. In addition to their commercial work, Martin is involved in an ongoing personal photography project with fellow photographer William Mebane. Andrea often photographs foragers, locavores and other things of interest and inspiration for her blog."
  • 10/09

    Photography © Sharyn Cairns Today I'm taking a break from all the business and admiring the beautiful work of Photographer, Sharyn Cairns. Sharyn is at the forefront of commercial photography in Australia, with a specialist portfolio spanning interiors, food, travel, and lifestyle. She is committed to creating beautiful images that capture a mood and an emotion, playing with light and shadows to create levels of depth and distinctive memorable scenes.
  • 08/21

    Photography © Ivona Chrzastek Ivona Chrzastek studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. After graduating she moved to London where she started her career as a fashion photographer. Today, Ivona shoots for various style magazines and online publications. The images above are part of Ivona's work for Bite Magazine in collab with Stylist Abbie Baines. See Ivona's site for more.
  • 04/29

    Photography © Carine Thevenau Today, I'm admiring Carine Thevenau's work. Carine was born in South Africa and raised in Australia. Her creative talent is evident in these images, her unique romantic/minimal style is what sets her apart. Her collaborations are truly inspiring as is the above with one of my favorite Aussie Designers Carly Hunter. Beautiful, yes?
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