• 07/07

    A slightly random selection for you this week (although is anything ever really random?). I don't mean to get overly philosophical about the simple act of curating a couple of images... but don't you ever get so drawn into a photo that you think to yourself "Oh wow!"… well, that's how I often feel while scrolling through Pinterest. You work your thumb, looking at hundreds of images which are beautiful in their own right – but then suddenly you come across one, which for no apparent reason, arrests your attention like no other.

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  • 05/30

    Yesterday I published a post about the beautiful hidden villages in Formentera, by GCA Architects. The photographer for that project is the oh-so-talented Salva Lopéz. Salva is an award-winning Spanish Photographer based in Barcelona. He has worked for several noted magazines and agencies such as Monocle, The Wall Street Journal, Kinfolk and Freude von Freuden, among others.

    Salva's work has a distinctive and evocative style. It is filled with nostalgia and it draws the viewer in to lose themselves in the details of each image. Each image a beautifully told, living story.

    His latest project, "From The Darkness", for Open House magazine is exactly that - a magically told story by a wonderfully creative Photographer.

    Creative Direction by Marcelo Martinez & Andrew Trotter · Styling by Jaume Vidiella · Hair & Makeup by Xisca Heba
    Models: Kayako Higuchi & Ronnie Made from Trend Models · Location: Palau de Casavells
  • 10/25

    The sphere is a fascinating form. Consider the Earth, our eyes and the perfect pearl. Or symbolic spheres, like our circle of friends and family. Even the womb, where we first experienced a close sense of contact. On a philosophical level, many have questioned the sphere and its significance. Dating back to Plato, the origins of humans were described in mythical terms as spherical entities, with men as descendants from the sun, women from the earth and the third sex from the moon. In Greek Mythology, Zeus is said to have split each of them in two, creating an urge in all of us to find our other half for a sense of wholeness.

    Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

    Close Contact is a photography exhibition that resulted from the fabulous collaboration between Kinfolk the genius Norm Architects and Sørensen Leather. The exhibition hosts ten limited-edition photographs–and the majestic leather spheres used in the making of each image.

    The images highlight the contrasts and the connections between geometrics and anthropomorphic shapes–the human form–making a connection between the leather and human skin.

    Leather, a universally used material–transformed into a sphere–poignantly delivers the message that we humans are connected.

    The exhibition is displayed in a highly subdued and tactile way–very characteristic of the elegance of all three of the collaborators. The immaculate taste of Norm Architects is indisputable; Architecture, design or photography–they do it all... and they do it well.

    All works are for sale and the exhibit is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10:00-16:00 until October 31st at Amagertorv 14, first floor. For more details you are welcome to contact press@kinfolk.com.
  • 02/15

    Photography © Pauliina Salonen Pauliina Salonen is a brilliant Finnish Photographer. The beautiful images above are part of her work for Wilma Kalusse and Asun Magazine in collaboration with the great Stylist Pia Kalliomäki from Studio Kalliomäki who is also based in Finland. Pauliina's work has been allover the Minimalism world — The quality of her work and her brilliant collaborations have given her the recognition she clearly deserves. Visit her website for more.
  • 10/25

    Photography © Heidi Lerkenfeldt Heidi Lerkenfeldt’s pictures are known for their raw beauty, minimalistic composition and raw style. Her wonderful collaborations and her talented eye has propelled Heidi to becoming one of Minimalists' most favorite Photographers and we've repinned a gazillion of her images for clients such as Elle Decor, Ferm, Magasin and others equally as brilliant.

    Whatever Heidi decides to do, it's always a treat to see.
  • 05/17

    Photography © Ryan Romanes I've spent several sleepless nights these days, which on the positive side helps me find great Artists, Projects and Shops that tickle my curiosity. Last night, I found Ryan Romanes a New Zealand-born graphic designer and art director now living in Melbourne, Australia. Ryan was asked to create a series of enticing imagery for Blue Baths to promote their in-house and new out-catering services. Enticing, yes. Scrumptious, too.
  • 04/22

    Photography © Dan HockingDan Hocking is a renowned Australian Artist and Photographer based in Melbourne. His architectural photography skills are astonishing and his landscape work inspiring. Dan's minimal aesthetics come through his photos and the ones above are just a small proof of his talents. See more of Dan's work via his equally as impressive website.
  • 01/15

    Photography © Pia Ulin I fell in love with this place photographed by the talented and renowned Pia Ulin as soon as I saw it. If I could have put in images what I meant last week about giving my home a bit more color and introducing more natural items, this would be the "natural items" part. I believe whoever lives there is happy, centered and at peace, or so I think I would.
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