• Photography © Ana Degenaar A couple of months ago I picked out these beautiful linen sheets from CULTIVER and I have to say that these are the best linen sheets I have ever owned, hands down.

    This brilliant brand based in Sydney, Australia focuses on enhancing peoples' everyday routine through the luxury of their accessories — and that is very much what they’ve brought into our lives. Everyday luxury.

    If you've been part of this blog for a while, you might already know that I’m a linen advocate and I speak very freely about my growing passion — that is because linen happens to be one of the most comfortable, stunning and giving materials in the entire world... and that will not only be my opinion as soon as you get your hands on some.

    Of course, you might have already guessed that this is not the first pair of linen sheets I've own — but they are definitely the highest quality, the purest in color and the most fitting for all kinds of climates.

    CULTIVER also offers stonewashed bedding, vintage silk velvet cushions and premium Turkish robes. The selection of colors they offer are to die for and I’m regretting not having picked up some of their gorgeous pink cushions. But I cannot complain — not only do they offer care and quality in their products, they also provide the best customer service I have ever experienced.

    The only painful part was waiting just a couple of days for them to ship the package all the way from Australia to my neck of the woods in Brazil. Luckily the package didn’t take long to arrive and soon enough I had a carefully packed box on my doorstep: their Linen Flat Sheet With Border in charcoal gray, a Linen Duvet Cover in ice blue and a Linen Sheet Set With Pillow Cases in Indigo. I tried to pick a favorite, but as I mix and match sheets, I discover different moods — which makes it impossible to pick only one.

    We’ve been enjoying the sheets for a while now and as expected, they only get better with time. I’ve received endless compliments on the new look of my bed so I can only encourage you to either run to a store if you are close to one of their beautiful boutiques... or to indulge yourself and place an order today. All I can say is you will never regret it.

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  • Photography © Line Klein Københavns Møbelsnedkeri is a brilliant handmade furniture workshop and online shop based in Copenhagen. Since the company was founded in 2006 they have designed a collection of new classics and left a strong fingerprint on private homes, shops, offices and restaurants around the world. Their amazingly talented staff has given a new meaning to the craft as they continue to create a new wave of fine designed home furniture. My visualization board now includes them because, who wouldn't want these pieces in their home?
  • Photography © notPerfectLinen not Perfect Linen is a family-owned shop by Simona Rimkiene and based in Lithuania. Simona grew up watching her mother sew, surrounded by her brilliant ingenuity and craft. After testing the professional field as a Lawyer, Simona decided to embark on her business adventure with her mother and they started their absolutely stunning brand not Perfect Linen. I felt immediately compelled to share after reading Simone's words which very much encapsulate why I love linen so much: “The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect."

    The Rimkiene family focuses exactly on the idea that linen shouldn't anything but simple, natural and honest. I have to agree with that because after falling in love with linen a couple of years ago and repeatedly, thinking of it and gushing over it here - I've found that it only gets prettier with the pass of time. All non Perfect Linen items are made in a home studio with Baltic linen and as far as I can see, a load of dedication, passion and love. Raise your hand if you love linen.

  • Photography © Sara Medina Lind Melo is handcrafted minimalism. Combining humble aesthetics that remove all the unnecessary details with quality craftsmanship from Dalarna, the heart of Sweden, using only the best materials and taking no shortcuts in production. Carmelo Medina Tadeo or Melo, was the inspiration for the Studio, he lived in Gran Canaria and had several professions during his lifetime, all with the hope of sharing his passions and creations with others. Melo is all about minimalistic design. They aim to create a modest look, enabling our products to blend into any enviroment. That’s why they refer to their products as humble minimalistic design.
  • Photography © Menu Grøn + White is an online concept store based in Canada, focusing on Scandinavian style and lifestyle. The owner and curator Britt Nilsson has a keen eye for Nordic and is constantly updating the shop with wonderful products from well established brands like Menu, Ferm Living and Normann Copenhagen as well as independent designers such as Silke Bonde, (By) Garmi, Hanna Konola and Magdalena Tyboni. Her frequent trips to Denmark allow Britt to be immersed in the culture of Scandinavian design and to expand the shop's inventory, offering the best and most current of that world.

    Some of my favorites from the shop: This gorgeous Hema Plate by Norman Copenhagen, Marble Cutting Board by Blomingville, Bollard Lamp by Menu and this gorgeous Wallmo Print by Magdalena Tyboni. After taking a look you'll surely be excited to know that Grøn + White ships internationally and is offering you a 15% discount using the code: GRON + MILK the code expires July 31. For more Grøn + White visit the Facebok page or follow via Twitter and Pinterest
  • Photography © Anders Bergsted Anna Kubel and Nathalie Schwer The Poster Club is a Copenhagen-based online store, offering a unique handpicked selection of posters and art prints from both upcoming and established artists - local as well as international. The shop delivers internationally and it’s perfectly curated and filled with the best and most-wonderful Scandinavian-inspired pieces of art.

    The thought of those Randi Vesterbæk Bro’s pieces makes me want to base my entire home interiors on them... and don’t get me started on the ethereal and inspirational Fairytale pieces by Landstedt/Bååth. Truly every piece in the shop is pure perfection. Thomas can do no wrong and you can see the passion and care involved in all this.

    As you can see, the shop includes all the greats: Playtime, Silke Bonde, Atelier CPH, Kristina Krogh and a list so packed of geniuses that I fully doubt you’ll lurk and dash. Get ready to be immersed in the world of printed art you’ve always dreamed of.

    For more of The Poster Club, visit Thomas’ Blog and Follow via Facebook Instagram or Pinterest. I’m already a fan.

  • The beautiful Bibelot&Token shop is based in Toronto and curated by its wonderful owner, Bianca. The shop is chock-full of items that would tickle any minimalist's fancy. From good reads to beauty products, it has it all. Above, some of my favorites: The Playtype Caledonia Jane posters. Gorgeous Chock a Block necklace by Maslo Jewelry. The scrumptious Charcoal and Aloe face cleanser by Little Barn Apothecary... and last but not least this fun Things Will Work Out pin by People I've Loved. I might be getting this one myself soon.

    For these and more from Bibelot & Token visit the shop and get 15% off any purchase using the code B&T+BLOGMILK - no expiry. Give B&T some love via: Facebook Pinterest Twitter or Instagram and enjoy your shopping day.
  • Photography © Norsu Aussies are doing absolutely everything right. Just yesterday I was mentioning the great Country Road and today I luckily stumbled upon the amazing Norsu shop based in Melbourne. Norsu is the teamwork of mummy-friends Nat Wheeler and Kristy Sadlier - After meeting in a mum's group they discovered that they had one more thing in common: Their passion for Scandinavian design. In 2013 they embarked in this mission and have already earned awards for their incredible work and vision.

    The wonderful Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser (who also happens to be one of my favorite clients) styled the photos for Norsu's 2016 Collection and the brilliant photography was work of equally as magnificent, Lisa Cohen both, evidently genius Australian Artists. All this woman-power is extremely inspiring. Here's to many more women willing to love, support and work with one another in such visionary ways.

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